What’s in my Fiorelli handbag?

Friday, April 24th 2015 0

City break beauty essentials

Next weekend I'm spending a few days in Barcelona. To celebrate the launch of their new 24seven bag, Fiorelli asked me to tell all about the beauty essentials I'll be packing my bag with...

Dermalogica SPF

This Dermalogica suncream has been high on my list of priorities ever since my friend Fiona, just as fair as me, came back from a scorching holiday in Egypt without a single patch of redness. This is does-what-it-says-on-the-tin beauty at its best, keeping you safe in the sun without feeling heavy or oily.

Fiorelli 2

Sisley Phyto Twist Sticks

Holidays are all about relaxation and quick, easy beauty. As much as I love to take it easy on days off and leave out my usual full face of make-up, I still want a little something on to look pretty for my photos. Cue these Phyto Twist Sticks from Sisley. A new launch, exclusive to Selfridges, these blend on with utmost ease and don’t move all day. We’re talking a 12-hour smoky eye that takes all of 5 minutes to apply.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow and Kevyn Aucoin Illuminator

To set off my holiday glow, I’ll be layering an illuminator into my foundation and down the centres of arms and legs. This is one of my favourite things to do to ensure that in my photos the light will hit my skin in all of the right places, leaving me fresh and glowy for pictures.

Fiorelli 1

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Ok, it’s probably not a lot to do with my holiday, but I can’t imagine going to sleep or waking up without using this. This is simply the most comforting, plumping and generally soothing eye cream ever. I’ve used others with 5x the price tag and not seen the same results. I wear lenses so my eyes are dry at the best of times, but the thought of using this after a long day in the sun just makes me feel like any dehydration will be well and truly quenched.

Peaches and Cream No.2 lashes

I wear these almost every single day because they’re soft and fluttery but still add some drama. There’s no way I could go on holiday without them!

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile

One of my favourite scents, Rosa Nobile is one of the most chic interpretations of rose that I have managed to find. What I love about this is that it is light and delicate but  still exudes its aroma at the end of even the longest day.

Fiorelli 3

Suqqu Moisture Lotion

After a long day in the boiling heat, my regular moisturiser might not quite cut it. This in mind, I love pressing a few drops of the Suqqu Moisture Lotion into my skin just before my moisturiser to really layer up the hydration. Use as part of your bedtime regime or even press a few drops onto the skin throughout the day to ensure that you are always fresh.

For All My Eternity Gradual 10 Lotion

Prior to going away I’m going to build a nice golden glow using self tan. This said, I know the pool is going to take that off fairly quickly, so I’m going to top up each night with a gradual tan. A full tan would build too much, whereas this is the perfect thing to sustain a natural looking tan, not to mention is much easier to haphazardly apply before bed and post-mojito…

Fiorelli 4

Fiorelli 24seven handbag

Nothing gets you in the mood for a holiday like your beach bag, but Fiorelli have captured the effortless wear of canvas and the structure of your everyday handbag in their 24seven collection. Light to carry, this works perfectly for beach or city. It is spacious enough for your towel and bikini, but the zip compartments mean that you can delve into the hustle of the city centre knowing that your personal belongings are safe. You know that it will last the long haul because the straps and base are both protected with a faux-crocodile trim.

To celebrate the launch of their 24seven bag today, Fiorelli have teamed up with For All My Eternity tan to give you a little holiday treat. When you purchase the bag from Fiorelli’s website, you will be able to choose from two gorgeous For All My Eternity gifts: either the Gradual 10 Lotion – a natural luxury everyday moisturiser with a hint of self tan – or the divinely fragrant Lemongrass, Bergamot & Mandarin Body Wash.

What would you take in your holiday bag? Show me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty.


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