Happy Birthday Topshop Beauty!

Wednesday, June 3rd 2015 1

A glowing skin make-up look

This month, Topshop Beauty celebrated their 5th birthday.

To celebrate, I teamed up with them to recreate one of my favourite campaign images of theirs from 2011.

You’ll know by now that I love illuminators, always wanting to create a dewy, glowing skin finish. This look was one of my favourites because I felt as though it was all about the freshness of the skin.

Topshop Beauty 2011

Here’s what I used to get the look…

Topshop Beauty

Glow in Polished: this little pot of illuminator is a pigmented pearly cream. I love that the formula is creamy because you can either use before your foundation, mix it in with your base, or layer on top of your foundation. So many options!

Brow Palette in Fetch: this pot contains a light brow powder shade, a darker brow gel shade and then mini spoolie, tweezers and angled brush.

Eyes in Galaxy: a shimmering, chocolate brown, this is a bit like Mulch from MAC.

Kohl in Coal: this is a super black kohl, great for the water line or creating a liner flick.

Doe Eyed Lashes Mascara: a jet black mascara, this is great for creating a really dark, smoky look.

Glow Stick in Spotlight: the glowing girl’s answer to contouring, this golden cream stick is great for buffing into cheekbones and temples to add warmth and to subtly contour and illuminate the skin.

Lipstick in Nevada: what a classic! A one-size-fits-all peachy nude.

How I did it…

First, I did my eyes so that I could wipe away any shadow fallout. I used the powder from my Fetch brow palette through the brows.

Next, I took Galaxy all over my lids and under the eyes on a firm flat brush to get a strong, pigmented finish. To soften out the edges, I used the powder from my brow duo through the sockets of my eyes.

Topshop Beauty 3

To intensify the whole look, I lined my inner lash lines and outer lash lines (top and bottom) with my black kohl. Then, I applied two layers of mascara to get a thick, jet black finish and completed the look with a set of No.117 lashes from Eylure. These are designed to look natural but give texture.

Eyes complete, I moved onto my base. I took some Glow across my forehead, cheekbones, down the nose and along the chin. Then, I buffed my Illamasqua Skin Base foundation on top of this.

Topshop Beauty 4

Next, I drew a thick line of golden Glow Stick from ear to mid cheek and on both temples. I buffed this out with a Real Techniques Stippling Brush until it was barely visible. This was to emphasise any areas in which I would have a natural shadow on my face, giving a sculpted finish. I’m not a huge fan of heavy contouring so I kept it soft and sun kissed instead.

My golden rule is that you can never have too much highlighter, so I went back in with my Glow all over the cheekbones, down the nose, across the forehead and along the chin. I skipped on blush altogether to match the campaign image.

Topshop Beauty 2

Finally, I took a peachy lip pencil all over the lips and then applied my Lipstick in Nevada just to the centre of the lips. Nevada is slightly lighter than the pencil I used so this will have given my lips a fuller appearance.

I loved this look! Glow has got a real cult following and I’d never tried it before, but after today I can see why it’s so popular. I’ll definitely be using this in my everyday routine. And Doe Eyed Lashes really surprised me! It was jet black, really glossy, and better than lots of high end mascaras I’ve tried.

Topshop Beauty 9

Happy birthday Topshop Beauty! Let me know what you thought of this post by leaving me a comment on my Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty.


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Selina says:

This is SO pretty! I remember buying that lipstick because the model looked so gorgeous and pouty in the campaign. Your eyes are so stunning here!