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Sunday, July 5th 2015 0

A scent by Azzi Glasser

To celebrate the launch of Bella Freud's signature fragrance, Laura Bailey hosted a discussion between her and the inimitable perfumer Azzi Glasser at Selfridges.

Bella began by discussing her love for Amber. Amber, she said, was all that her mother would wear in her jewellery, and brought back memories of her childhood. She teamed this with Osmanthus and Ylang Ylang, a beautiful flower with a deep, almost sexual scent. This is a known aphrodisiac and gives the fragrance a very feminine heart.

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To give an edge to the fragrance, Azzi teamed Patchouli with the Amber. This gave the scent a clean, powdery finish. She likened this to a record with a crackle, or the softness of Bella’s voice when she speaks, even when she says something you don’t want to hear!

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One of the qualities Azzi said she loved about the fragrance was the longevity it left on the skin. This, she said, mirrored the loyalty that Bella showed her friends. Even on the warmest of summer days, I can still smell traces of this by bedtime. It truly does stay.

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You may know from reading my blog before that Azzi creates bespoke fragrances for individuals. Her clients include the likes of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Jude Law. Bella and Azzi worked together to create The Bella Freud Parfum collection in 2014, but this new addition is actually the scent that Azzi created personally for Bella, one that she wears every day. Laura asked Bella how she felt about sharing this with the world, but Bella didn’t seem to mind. She said that it would change with the warmth of the skin of each person, and “on me it will only be mine”.

Bella Freud Signature Fragrance

With time for questions at the end, I asked Bella about the bottle. When I first met Azzi I remember she had lots of unusual stories behind some of her fragrances’ bottles and I knew that Bella’s must be the same. She said simply that releasing this fragrance almost felt like an unlocking of herself. The Amber notes were reminiscent of her mother and the front of the bottle features an illustration by her father. Both of Bella’s parents died four years ago, just four days apart, something she remembered as a big shock. Although she didn’t want this to be a sad or cathartic element, she was pleased to have included influences from both.

Bella Freud Signature Fragrance 2

The scent, to me, is powdery, clean and very womanly. It has come to be my confidence boost before a big meeting or presentation; it makes me feel empowered and feminine. There was something so effortlessly striking about Bella – I like to think I capture a bit of her aura every time I wear it.

Bella Freud Signature Fragrance 5

Bella Freud’s signature fragrance is now available at Selfridges. 

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