Ole Henriksen Empower Range

Sunday, July 5th 2015 0

For the busy, empowered woman

This week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the man behind some of my favourite skincare - Ole Henriksen.

He had such a great energy around him, I’ve always loved the products but he was so passionate and kind that he’s made me love them even more.

Ole Henriksen Empower Range

Ole’s new collection is a clever one. Essentially he’s aiming this at girls that work hard, play hard and don’t always pay the most meticulous attention to their skin that they should. He’s named it Empower because it is made to fit into the busy regime of an empowered woman, ensuring that despite her many responsibilities she fits in some skin TLC. I think this is going to really appeal to young professionals because it is quick and easy but it really works.

When I got to his concept space we sat down for a while and he talked me through the range from his perspective. What I really noticed was his choice of language, it was all so positive. We see so many brands fighting wrinkles or targeting the signs of ageing; Ole simply said that this was for the woman who was starting to notice a few ‘laughter lines’!

EMPOWER Foaming Milk Cleanser, £20 

My skin is always on the dry side so I don’t tend to use anything foaming, however this works really well to take my make-up off without leaving my skin tight or dry. I’d use a separate eye make-up remover but use this to get rid of everything else. Ingredients include arctic cloudberry, Nordic cotton and willow bark to protect the skin against free radicals, great for those of us who work in the city.

Ole Henriksen Empower Range Cleanser

EMPOWER Featherweight Moisturiser, £38 

Given the heatwave we’ve had for the last few weeks, this really has been a dream to use. The formula is super light, almost like a gel, and melts really quickly into the skin. The lightness of the texture also means that it is very cooling on application, great for calming redness in my case. Use this twice a day all over the face, neck and decolletage, and over time you’ll find a glow to your skin as the white willow bark gently resurfaces it. If you liked Ole’s hydrating moisturiser you’ll get along well with this one. In his own words this is perfect for your ‘night time ritual. Feel the energy of your touch and let the aroma work up as you massage it in.’

Ole Henriksen Empower Range Featherweight Moisturiser

EMPOWER Hydrating Hand Cream, £12 

Ole made a really great point when I spoke with him – he said two things that can really give away your age are eyes and hands. For this reason he’s made a cream to absorb quickly, with no stickiness, just to ensure that your hands are fighting the damage of free radicals in the same way that your face is.

Ole Henriksen Empower Range Hand Cream

On another note, once Ole had finished explaining the range to me he asked me if I had any questions whatsoever about my own skin, any brands or anything at all. For me, my skin issue is redness. I’d feel completely confident make-up free if it wasn’t for the redness that can sometimes flare up around my cheeks and nose. For this he told me to use the Invigorating Night Gel and follow with his oil, taking time to massage the oil into areas of redness. I’ll keep you posted on how this works for me.

Ole Henriksen’s EMPOWER collection is available from September from John Lewis. In the meantime, do explore the rest of the range. You can’t go wrong with any of it.


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