Peaches and Cream Carnival Make-up Masterclass

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015 0

Inspired by carnival queen Simone

Last week I went back to my home away from home, Peaches and Cream, for the girls' Carnival Make-up Masterclass.

Years ago when I worked at Peaches I remember this lady called Simone coming in. She was the head of the Brazilica festival in Liverpool, organising the whole thing and choreographing for all of the dancers, and she was showing us photos on her phone of the amazing costumes she made and wore. Simone needed amazing theatrical make-up to go with her outfits and her and Kate hit it off like a house on fire. Simone is amazing, always full of beans making us all laugh and is always the queen of the carnival even when she has been expecting her two children!

Peaches Carnival

For years since Simone has been coming into the salon to be peached for the carnival and everyone loves the finished photos when the girls post them to Instagram. This in mind, last week the girls asked Simone if they could borrow some of the costumes and host a masterclass on how they create the crazy carnival make-up looks.

Carnival Group SHot

I’d booked the day off and was going for the masterclass not knowing any of this, thinking we would all just chill and be doing a bit of make-up. The next thing I got a text from Kate the night before saying “make sure you’ve shaved and tanned from head to toe”, and before I knew it I’d arrived without a scrap of make-up on and been thrown into a big booby sequin bra top. Obviously I was secretly loving the pandemonium of it all.

Me and Liv

Peaches Carnival 2

The day was just fab! Rico had come over from one of the bars up the road and set up a cocktail bar. Kate, Nic and little El all did a demo on a model, using the same techniques but different colours to show us a few different colour configurations.

Carnival Models

Then, when they’d finished, I had a one to one with Kate who did one half of my face and I did the other in a step-by-step.

Peaches Carnival Make-up 2


Peaches Carnival Make-up 1

Kate as Carmen Miranda hosting a full masterclass will go down as probably the funniest thing I have ever seen…


I’ve seen lots of cut crease looks like this on Instagram but never known how to achieve them, but Kate made it so easy. Honestly if you ever want to learn any make-up at all, from a classic smoky eye to anything theatrical or even special effects, you won’t find better teachers than the girls.

Me and Kre

Me and El


Me and Kre Eyes

Thanks girls for an amazing day!

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Peaches Carnival DAy

Peaches Carnival 3

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