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Sunday, September 20th 2015 0

My new beauty obsession

Anyone who has ever done my hair can tell you what an absolute nightmare it is. My hair is naturally frizzy, coarse and dry and takes a lot of styling to maintain.

One of the first turning points in me being able to manage my hair was in getting the GHD Air hairdryer. But now that I’ve been teaming that with Original & Mineral products I just feel like I have a different head of hair. What really made me want to write about it this week, however, was the fact that it was actually everyone else around me that had began to notice the change in my hair.

Here’s what I’ve been using and why I love them…

Maintain the Mane Shampoo, £24 for 350ml 
One of the fundamental parts of the O&M philosophy is that all products are ammonia, resorcinol and PPD free. This would normally equate to a shampoo that doesn’t foam very well but this still works into quite a rich lather. I use it twice, once to remove any dirt and excess styling products and a second wash to really cleanse the scalp. It smells incredible and the oils in the formula (Evening Primrose and Macadamia Seed) mean that it doesn’t strip or dry the hair.

Original Mineral Maintain the Mane

Conquer Blonde Shampoo, £24 for 250ml
Every so often I’ll use this as my second cleanse. A classic silver shampoo, this brightens and cools blonde hair, knocking out any brassiness. What is exceptional about this in relation to other silver shampoos I’ve tried is that you can’t really overdo it and accidentally leave your hair in lilac/grey territory (we’ve all been there). Also it is much more nourishing than other silver shampoos I’ve tried, again not drying or stripping the hair.

Original Mineral Conquer Blonde

The Power Base Protein Masque, £27 for 250ml 
Given that my hair is naturally dry, bleached blonde and then heat styled, it can often need strengthening. The Power Base treatment is designed to reconstruct the hair both inside and out, giving it back strength and fullness. Blending Apricot Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, this smells sweet enough to eat. What I really love about this is that it isn’t heavy on the hair and unlike other protein treatments it won’t leave your hair feeling brittle. With continued use, this has helped my hair to really reduce in puffiness and frizz and instead to have a lasting smoothness. I’m finding that I’m getting an extra day out of my blow dry and that I don’t need to heat style as much.

THe Power Base

Original Queenie Hairspray, £22.50 for 328ml 
Frankly, it was largely the name that made me want to buy this. A strong hold hairspray that doesn’t leave any stickiness or residue, I switched to this seeing as I was getting such great results from everything else. With the change in weather and the return of humid, damp mornings, a blast of this and I can guarantee that my hair is weatherproof for my journey to work every morning.

Original Queenie

The long and short is that Original & Mineral has given me silkier, smoother hair that doesn’t frizz out as easily and smells amazing. I find it really hard to fall in love with hair products because hair styling is something that I struggle with, but these have simply taken all of the hard work out of doing my hair. This is the best hair range I’ve tried in a long time.

Original & Mineral is available from selected salons and Selfridges.


All images taken from Original & Mineral website.

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