Broken Doll Halloween Makeup

Monday, October 19th 2015 0

Using all Illamasqua products

This week at work I've been building up to Halloween by creating various different theatrical make-up demos.

Although I love creating really theatrical make-up looks, I know that not everyone has the time or resource to make something so elaborate. This in mind, I thought a Broken Doll look would be a perfect Halloween option for anyone who has all of the make-up classics at home and doesn’t want to buy anything new.

I typed in ‘Broken Doll’ to Pinterest and found so many amazing make-up looks so I simply took the best bits from each and played around with this look. We created the look at Illamasqua so everything I used was from there.

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup 3

I wanted to use my friend Helen for this look because she looks a bit like a doll anyway. For your reference, here she is under normal circumstances, along with the whole hip-hop honey crew, me, Jess and Jane.

The Crew

To start with, I did the top half of Helen’s eyes. I used white eyeshadow in Sex across the lids, took some purple in Stimulus through the socket, then worked jet black Obsidian into it. I lined the top line with black shadow and applied lots of mascara to the top lashes.

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup Close uP 2

Next I did the under eye, using white kohl in Elate in the waterline and drawing a thick line of white under the lash line to give the illusion of larger eyes. I used black to draw on a fake lash line below all of this white and didn’t put any mascara on Helen’s natural lashes, instead drawing on a few little lashes.

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup Close Up 1

The brows were probably the most crucial part of this look because once I drew them on Helen looked perpetually sad, even when we were laughing (which was even funnier). I used some Skin Base Lift concealer to mask the real ends of her brows and took Brow Cake in Thunder (one of my all-time favourite ever products that everyone must own) to create a jagged, animated brow.

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup 10

After much deliberation, I decided to keep Helen’s base natural so I used Skin Base Foundation in 06. For a really overtly feminine blush I used blusher in Morale and dusted lots of Pure Pigment in Furore across her cheekbones and down her nose. Then I took lipstick in Corrupt for Helen’s lips.

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup 4

To set off the look I had originally planned to use top and bottom lashes but our bottom lashes made everything too busy. Instead, I used a single set of this year’s Eylure Halloween cat lashes.

Eylure Halloween Lashes

The biggest challenge was creating the cracks themselves. Essentially I just tried to create little broken patterns using some black gel liner, then picked out some accents using a white liquid liner in Scribe. With this, our make-up was done!

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup 5

Now I knew that the finishing touch would be Helen’s hair so I googled “doll hairstyles” and found this beautiful image from We Heart It.


This hairstyle was my favourite and I showed it to Jasmin at Umberto Giannini who recreated it with her own spin. We absolutely loved her asymmetric interpretation, I think it made the make-up all the more peculiar and beautiful.

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup 8

Thank you Helen for being the ultimate Broken Doll!

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup 9

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