Corpse Bride Halloween Makeup

Tuesday, October 20th 2015 0

Using all Illamasqua

Today Janey and I got to work on one of my favourite make-up looks yet, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

I absolutely love Tim Burton so this was a really special look for me. Everything I used was Illamasqua, here were some of the key items…

– Rich Liquid Foundation in 010 (white)

– Colouring Pencils in Elate (white) and Media (coral red)

– Black Gel Liner in Infinity

– Spirit Palette (four blues)

– Powder Eye Shadows in Anja (powder blue), Sadist (electric blue), Incubus (grey)


How we did it…

First I took electric blue all over Jane’s lids, then navy all through the socket and jet black through her brows, tapering the brow upwards slightly to make her look sad. This was very blocky and packed on so we had lots of drop down which I later washed away. I would rather lots of drop down than being gentle and getting a wishy washy colour pay off.


For the under eyes I took white pencil along her lash line and below the lash line, then took a gel liner underneath and created a new lash line to enlarge her eyes. I buffed out some blue under this lash line and drew on some false lashes. To finish the look I applied mascara and lashes to the top lash line alone.


Now for the base. On Jarrad’s recommendation (remember Jarrad, Edward Scissorhands from last week?) I primed her skin with Matte Veil because I wanted to use white Rich Liquid foundation. Now Rich Liquid offers the ultimate coverage – lots of clients use it to cover tattoos – but it needs to be really buffed in to make it work. I buffed and buffed it on until I was happy with Jane’s full white face and then got to work with some blue.



Taking Anja, the powder blue, I added blue to Jane’s entire face outline and then used some to contour her cheeks. Essentially this gave the impression of a baby blue face that happened to have been highlighted in the centre – just what we wanted! To build a more severe contour I took some electric blue through her cheek hollows and then topped it off with the tiniest bit of grey. I also used the electric blue to contour her nose. I started doing her neck but I hated it – I’d gone too specific around her collarbone. Instead I did a really simple mixture of white and blue and it worked beautifully.

Now for the little gel liner accents. Firstly I did Jane’s brows which had to be very lopsided and sad. She literally looked like she was about to burst into tears, it was the perfect finishing touch! Then I added a little black triangle off each of her nostrils to give her Emily’s tiny little nose.

And then for lips. I took Media pencil all over the lips and loved it so much that I didn’t top it with any lipstick.

Corpse Bride Makeup

The finishing touch? I don’t care if it’s Halloween or not, we have to ensure that the skin is glowy. I took Pure Pigment in Beguile, an iridescent golden vanilla glitter, over Jane’s cheekbones, down her nose and across her forehead and chin. She sparkled and shone like a Tim Burton princess once this went on and the whole look came together!

Corpse Bride Makeup

Abbie from Umberto Giannini helped me with Jane’s hair next. She got it really big, curly and a little bit backcombed, so pretty but also disheveled. Then my friend Cat from VM let me raid the office to find some props and we found Janey a beautiful veil (a white tablecloth) and some flowers and got her ready for her stroll up the altar (AKA her journey across the shop floor to Click and Collect where the natural lighting is AMAZING and we take all of our photos).

Corpse Bride Makeup

Corpse Bride Makeup

It was so lovely doing this make-up, it was quite time consuming and challenging but my word it is worth it. Such a brilliant idea for Halloween!

But I couldn’t have done it without a couple of girls I found on Pinterest. I want to send you in the direction of two other artists who really inspired this look. I took huge guidance from their make-up interpretations and studied their photos closely as I did the whole make-up.

Kiki from Lucifer Is My Dad who is absolutely incredible – I’ve followed her page @LuciferIsMyDad and loved her for years. I took ideas from her blending on the upper and lower eyes.

Corpse Bride Lucifer

Rebekka Einar’s interpretation made me want to use white foundation and then add powder blue shadow to almost contour the face as I turned it blue.

Rebekka E Corpse Bride

Thanks Janey for being the most beautiful Corpse Bride!


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