Cosmic Beauty Halloween Makeup

Sunday, October 18th 2015 0

Using NYX Cosmetics

To celebrate a Halloween pop-up from NYX Cosmetics at work, my make-up muse Jane and I got to work to create a Halloween make-up demo.

You’ll know from earlier in the week that the Selfridges beauty advent calendar, Cosmic Beauty, launched this week and it has literally been the talk of the town. This in mind, I thought a cosmic makeover would be the perfect way to capture the fun we had this week!

First of all I want to show you an image that really inspired me when I was doing Jane’s make-up. This one is from an artist called MJ on Beautylish.

MJ Beautylish Galaxy Makeup

I loved that although this felt theatrical and Halloween inspired, you could still see a lot of skin and eye make-up in the image. I was creating this make-up on Jane at 12pm and she was working that day until 9pm so I couldn’t let her serve her customers all day looking too theatrical – she’d scare them away! This allowed us to create the perfect mixture of pretty and avant garde.

Galaxy Makeup Cosmic Beauty 8

First I created a very blue smoky eye on Jane. I used electric blue on her lids, took some purple under the lower lash line and added shape and depth with jet black. To start I had given Jane bright pink eyebrows but they didn’t feel right so we swapped them for traditional brown brows.

Galaxy Makeup Cosmic Beauty 3

Next I cleaned up my mess (there was a lot of it) and did Jane’s base. I used Illamasqua Hydra Veil to prep her skin, then took some Radiance Veil across her cheeks and chest to add luminosity. Next I went in with Skin Base foundation all over her skin and set it with Loose Powder in 010.

Now it was time to begin creating the galaxy. I wanted to follow classic contouring steps for the galaxy print on Jane’s face so that it still looked beautiful and gave her shape and definition. To begin, I took the electric blue all around Jane’s hair line, really ensuring that I buried it into her hair so that it all blended into one. I also took this through the hollows of her cheeks.

Galaxy Makeup Cosmic Beauty 4

Afterwards, I overlapped a trim of electric pink with this. This was brilliant because in the overlaps the pink and blue formed a purple, giving the galaxy print a mixed blend of colours. In addition this pink doubled as a blush shade.

Galaxy Makeup Cosmic Beauty 2

To break it all up, I took some Illamasqua eyeshadow in Anja (powder blue) to add random accents here and there. I repeated this entire process down Jane’s neck, layering and contouring, leaving her collarbones bare.

The key with this was to ensure that nothing was neat; making it lop sided and uneven was exactly what gave it such a beautiful finish.

I wanted to ensure that Jane still looked beautiful, so for a moment I returned to her skin. I put lots of illuminator (Illamasqua pigment in Furore) across her cheekbones, down her nose and over her lips and cupids bow. I also illuminated her collarbones. This gave her face a glowing, luminous finish.

Lips were simple: I used NYX Macaron lipstick in 01 Mals.

And now it was time to put some stars in the sky! First of all I took Illamasqua pigment in Static, an iridescent pink, over the cheekbones and collarbones. Then, I took it over most of the galaxy print. And to hell with it, we dusted the whole lot through her hair too. It was important to get the fine glitter onto the look first because next I was going to make lots of tiny stars with white paint and I didn’t want to smudge them by doing anything else once they were on.

Galaxy Makeup Cosmic Beauty 7

For the actual stars I took Mehron white liquid make-up and a fine brush. First, I created a starry trim on Jane’s face and then I did the entire neck. I started by adding small dots everywhere to get my shape in – again, it was key that these were scattered randomly. Next, I thickened some of the dots. And finally I turned some of the dots into various sizes of stars.

Galaxy Makeup Cosmic Beauty 5

Thank you Janey for always being the most beautiful model!

Galaxy Makeup Cosmic Beauty 9

Full product list:

– Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in 09

– Illamasqua Hydra Veil and Radiance Veil

– Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Anja

– Illamasqua pigments in Furore and Static

– NYX Eyeshadows in Electric Pink, Blue and Fuschia

– NYX Art Throb Palette

– Mehron Liquid Make-up in White

– Eylure lashes in 110

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