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Sunday, October 18th 2015 0

An Illamasqua Tutorial

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of one of my very favourite films, Edward Scissorhands.

With Halloween around the corner, I asked my friend Jarrad to model for me and offer his creative input as I recreated the Edward make-up at Illamasqua.

Jarrad is a make-up artist at Illamasqua and loves the brand just as much, if not more, than me. He is so passionate about make-up and the creative ethos behind Illamasqua and I really enjoy talking make-up with him.

To create the look, I started with the skin. I used Skin Base foundation in 01, pure white, all over Jarrad’s face. The great thing about Skin Base 01 is that although you get a full white face you can still see the skin through the foundation, as opposed to white face paint which offers a completely full coverage. That’s great for some make-up looks but not Edward, who simply has a deathly pale face as opposed to a mask.

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup Kit

Usually I would have done the eyes first but the whole point of this look is an earthy, messy sallowness so the eyes came on second and any spillages and dark patches were all part of the look.

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup Beginning

I worked with Jarrad’s natural brows and filled them with eyeshadow, incorporating them into the very large sullen bags above and below Edward’s eye. I took powder eyeshadow in Heroine¬†(mid brown) all over the eye, deepened the inner corners with Wolf (dark brown) and mixed in some Incubus (dark grey) to give a sullen, textured finish. The lids themselves I kept white with eyeshadow in Sex, deepening the socket and under eye, and I added white liner to the water line also. No mascara was used and I tried to get the lashes as white as possible by dusting them in eyeshadow.

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup 4

Next I created the scars. I took an angled brush with some powder eyeshadow in Forgiveness (maroon) to add some little scars here and there. To make them pop, I took a thick line of Skin Base Lift concealer in Light 1 next to each scar. This gave the appearance of a raised, broken skin.

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup 2

To give Edwards’s skin some sullen shape I contoured with the eyeshadow shades I’d used on his eyes, also taking time to deepen the corners of his nose and mouth to give a dirty finish.

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup 1

And finally were the lips. I took White Light along the inner corners of the bottom lip, painted Lipstick in Growl all over the top lip and the centre of the bottom lip. I used my finger to blur the lip lines, giving it a bitten, soft finish.

Here he is – my Edward Scissorhands!

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup 3


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