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An entirely bespoke fragrance journey

Describing a fragrance can be so challenging. You can't pinpoint it as a colour or a texture or tone like you can with other beauty products, instead you simply use descriptions of the notes within them.

But what if you described a fragrance with a story? Illustrating it instead by describing the person that would wear and love it? That’s exactly what Azzi Glasser has done in her debut fragrance collection, The Perfumer’s Story. Turning the fragrance journey down a new path, Azzi has personally trained her own bespoke team of fragrance experts (sourced warmly through friends) for her spaces in Harvey Nichols. Her experts take an emotive approach to fragrance, helping you to chose a scent based on personality and likeness.

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You’ll know from my stories of Azzi before that she is the lady behind some of the most beautiful fragrances. I first wanted to meet her because she made my favourite perfume, Illamasqua Freak, and over the years she has created scents for everyone from Agent Provocateur to Bella Freud. Now, she’s released her most anticipated collection – her very own. The collection of 11 limited edition fragrances from her back catalogue is now at Harvey Nichols, being retailed for the very first time.

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I visited her last week to try every last one and get to know each of her 11 characters. To add to the story theme, each fragrance comes housed in a special book, complete with an Azzi embossed wax seal. I’ve put stars next to my favourites…

Azzi Glasser The Perfumer's Story 17

Unisex Collection

Sequoia Wood*
Azzi’s signature fragrance
Character and style: sensual, creative, edgy
Azzi loves this because she says it is feminine without being too pretty. It’s her own personal signature fragrance and she says that you can’t go wrong with this, it’s for everyone.

Worn by: Kate Moss, Nick Grimshaw
Character and style: magnetic, confident, edgy
A magnetic fragrance, Azzi said that this is one to guarantee comments from other people. She also wears this one herself.

Tuscan Suede
Character and style: sophisticated, confident, sexy
I loved this scent because I find that lots of leather based fragrances can feel quite masculine, but this one was lovely and clean.

Amber Molecule
Character and style: feminine, loyal, soulful
Very powdery and clean, this is beautiful and very elegant.

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Men’s Collection

Mr. Vetivert*
Character and style: alpha male, sexy
This couldn’t have been sexier. I told Azzi that I want my future man to smell like this!

Grey Myrrh
Character and style: charming, modern, sensual
Azzi loved the idea that this scent almost captured a warm, clean sweat of a hard working man. Someone had joked to her that those Diet Coke adverts with the muscly builders was the first thing that came to mind when they tried it first.

Master Cedar
Character and style: cool, modern, creative

Old Books*
Worn by: Stephen Fry
Character and style: creative, intelligent, unique
I don’t think there will be anyone who doesn’t love Old Books. It smells exactly as it says and evokes a memory of a classic, well loved story book.

Azzi Glasser The Perfumer's Story 15

Women’s Collection

Fever 54
Character and style: provocative, confident, fun
This is an absolute party girl scent, one glimpse and you feel ready to dance all night.

Twisted Iris*
Character and style: bohemian, loving, unique
This was my personal favourite, the one I’ve been wearing every day. Azzi said that she loves this interpretation of Iris because it’s Iris like no other seeing as it has been mixed with Fig. She said of the Twisted Iris girl that she was bohemian, stylish and that everyone loved her.

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Limited Edition Fragrances

Ditch EDP
Ditch Candle
Ditch, a collaboration with Jonas Akerlund, is just the scent for someone who doesn’t like scent. I can’t tell you how accurately this captures a wet, green, earthy space.

Each fragrances comes in a 30ml bottle from £95.00 with the Ditch candle at £45.00.

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I was so fascinated by Azzi’s scent stories. The smells came first, she explained, and then the idea of the character came with them. She doesn’t want these to mask you; she wishes for them to compliment you.

In addition to her fragrance collection, perhaps the most exciting development of all is that Azzi is now offering her bespoke fragrance service at the Bespoke Atelier at Harvey Nichols. Private appointments are available strictly by appointment only priced at £15,000.

Azzi Glasser

Over the years, Azzi has worked with lots of influential people to create an entirely bespoke fragrance. Her client list is spectacular as are their testaments. Here are a few words from people that know and love Azzi’s creations…

“Having spent time together, through her own extraordinary intuition and sensory skills, she made me a scent I love! She has made me a scent I feel like I’ve always had, it is me, I just never had it in a bottle before!” – Jude Law

“I never feel fully dressed or go on set without my perfume. It’s a protective cloud, invisible armour, emotional touchstone, and part portal to make believe land. Some people say the past is another country and in a way she makes passport perfumes. I know she always makes them with passion and love – and that cleverest and sensitive, poetic nose of hers.” – Helena Bonham Carter

“Azzi possesses a certain sorcery, in that she is capable of capturing the perfect essence of a character in scent.” – Johnny Depp

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The process of creating these entirely unique fragrances is not unlike a therapy session, Azzi tells me. She spends lots of time getting to know the client, capturing their personality, then handpicks ingredients from around the world to create an inimitable scent. It comes presented in a beautiful crystal bottle.

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To book an appointment with Azzi for the Bespoke Atelier service, please see below:

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0207 201 8688
Availability: 1st October – end December

Be sure to try Azzi’s fragrances and let your spirit lead you to find your perfect character match. Mine? It had to be the Twisted Iris.

P.S The fragrance room in Azzi’s house is just so beautiful. It really is an Aladdin’s cave of fragrance. Here are a few more photos of this cosiest fragrance haven!

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