Clinique Winter Warmers

Sunday, November 22nd 2015 0

Melting Mask Balm and more

Cold weather can wreak havoc on our skin, with freezing temperatures and central heating to flit between. Clinique have kept my skin in check with some rich new additions this winter.

Moisture Surge Melting Mask Balm, £26
My skin turns to sandpaper in the winter and this balm has been my bedside saviour. I’ve been mixing and matching how I use this; sometimes I simply massage into any dry patches, other times  I’ll apply to the whole face and sleep in it. But it instantly plumps and hydrates my skin, easing any tightness or patchiness.  It’s a bit richer than your average hydrating mask but not quite as rich as using a dry oil. The Moisture Surge line is my favourite in the skincare realm from Clinique and this is a sumptuous, soothing addition for the winter.

Smart Treatment Oil, £36
The Smart Serum was one of my favourite Clinique launches this year so I was really excited to see an oil in the line. Simply put, this is a great product to layer into your skincare regime for repair. I use this if I’m hungover, I’m seeing a lot of redness in my skin or it’s that time in my cycle, and it helps to get everything back on track. It’s lighter than lots of oils I’ve tried, you could get away with using a drop or two day or night as needed. Three drops is plenty for the whole face and the jar is enormous so it will last you a long time. Use under your moisturiser as an everyday antidote to the winter weather. If heady scents aren’t your thing then you’ll like this because it’s fragrance free (which also makes it great to work into dry, chapped lips).

Clinique Winter oils

Deep Comfort Body Oil, £25
Let me talk you through my winter. It’s an endless cycle of exfoliating, shaving, tanning, and starting the whole process again. This body oil is my go-to after exfoliating to give some nourishment to my skin after I’ve scrubbed myself silly. Use this on wet skin to lock in extra moisture or on dry skin as needed. Again, this is nice and light so it absorbs quickly, and the spray head makes it really easy to apply.

Dry, patchy skin is no more with these Clinique warmers by your side for winter.

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