Kerastase Advent Calendar 2015

Monday, November 23rd 2015 0

24 days of luxury haircare

For the first time ever this year, Kerastase have created their own advent calendar!

What’s more is that this is the first hair-specific advent calendar I’ve seen, giving it a real point of difference from the other beauty advent calendars.

Kerastase Advent Calendar 2015 5

Let’s take a look at what’s inside…

• Bain Cristal Fine Hair 30ml
• Lait Cristal 20ml
• Bain Satin 1 3oml
• Lait Vital 20ml
• Bain Satin 2 30ml
• Masquintense thick hair 30ml
• Masquintense fine hair 30ml
• Bain Elixir Ultime 30ml
• Bain Riche Elixir Ultime 30ml
• Masque Elixir Ultime 30ml
• Bain Chroma Captive 30ml
• Masque Chroma Captive 30ml
• Bain Thérapiste 20ml
• Masque Thérapiste 30ml
• Bain Force Architecte 30ml
• Masque Force Architecte 30ml
• Nectar Thermique 50ml
• Ciment Thermique 50ml
• Keratine Thermique 50ml
• Crème Fine Elixir Ultime 50ml
• Bain Elixir Ultime 80ml
• Bain Fluidealiste 80ml
• Bain Densité 80ml
• Sérum Solide Elixir Ultime 18ml

Kerastase Advent Calendar 2015 3

I have used Kerastase products for years, switching between ranges depending on what my hair needs.

Kerastase Advent Calendar 2015 4

My most used range is the Nutritive range for dry and sensitised hair. This is perfect for me post-bleach to give my hair back it’s hydration. My favourite item from the line is the Masquintense for thick hair, a deep conditioning mask. Ask anyone I went to uni with and they’ll tell you I spent most evenings with my hair wrapped in cling film so that this could really sink in!

Kerastase Advent Calendar 2015 6

One of my favourite stand alone products is the Ciment Thermique. This is the best heat-protector I’ve tried, allowing me to style my hair with a hairdryer, straighteners or a tong and feel confident that my hair is protected. I’ve used this one for over 10 years because there is no heavy or oily residue from it, unlike lots of other pre-styling balms. I have a lot of hair but it is all quite fine so the last thing I need is anything to weigh it down.

Kerastase Advent Calendar 2015 2

And finally, the last call out I have to make is for the Elixir Ultime range. A really luxurious line, this is brilliant for taming unruly hair and generally lovely for a rich, nourishing treatment.

What I’d really recommend for you to do if you’ve got this advent calendar this year is read up on each range and use each line selectively. Rather than using the products day by day, stick to your usual haircare routine and slot these in where necessary. For example, you might want to use the Nutritive range after you’ve coloured your hair, or save the Elixir Ultime line for the day of your Christmas party. That way you’ll really enjoy the benefits of having these as mini treatments when you need them.

The Kerastase Advent Calendar is £79.99 from Kerastase online and selected salons.

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