L’Oreal Paris Sculpt School with Mario Dedivanovic

Sunday, January 31st 2016 1

A lesson from the king of contour

This Friday, I enrolled in the L'Oreal Paris Sculpt School to learn all about how to use their new contouring products. Their special host for the session was Mario Dedivanovic, the king of contour himself, a make-up artist that counts the likes of Kim Karadashian and JLo as regular clients.

I feel that the current fascination with contouring has been hugely driven by the Kardashian sisters, so it was truly a dream come true to get to learn from the man who creates their looks day in and day out.
Mario’s Sculpt School started on a warm note as he told us the story behind his journey with L’Oreal. Mario was 3 when his family emigrated to America. His mother’s first job in the USA was at L’Oreal in the maintenance team and she stayed with the business for 20 years. “It was the first make-up brand I ever knew, growing up we had drawers full.” He spoke so fondly of L’Oreal, telling us it was his favourite drugstore brand. He also thanked us for coming and greeted us all as “beauty queens” which I loved.
L'Oreal Paris Sculpt School Mario Dedivanovic Kit
As our contour masterclass began, he made everyone laugh. “I’m a little nervous about doing this, I’ve never contoured a face before…” But then it was straight down to business, talking us through each step of the process and most importantly explaining why he did each thing as he did.
First he applied the Infallible Sculpt Contour Base. He said you could use this alone as a foundation or even on top of your foundation as a base for sculpting as it will hold onto the product for you. What’s exciting is that he was using what is the first EVER L’Oreal Paris brush. One end is flat, ideal for foundation or highlighter, and the other is tapered and ideal for sculpting.
L'Oreal Paris Sculpt School Mario Dedivanovic Infallible Sculpt Foundation
Mario said that the most exciting thing about this range was that “it simplifies things for the woman who finds contouring intimidating”. He said that people feel intimidated by this technique but they shouldn’t – it’s a simple technique that make-up artists have been using for years, and that using a few simple products won’t take more than 3-4 minutes each morning to apply. He applied the base with the L’Oreal brush then finished his blending with a Beauty Blender.
To contour he took the Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette, taking the darker shade on the tapered end of the brush. He had his model suck in her cheeks and then applied the contour shade to the hollows, wanting the finish to look like a natural shadow. Next he worked around the hairline to slim the shape of the face, and took some along the jawline. “This looks great in photos and gets rid of a double chin.” For now nothing was hugely blended, it was just a case of applying product to the right areas.
L'Oreal Paris Sculpt School Mario Dedivanovic Infallible Sculpt Palette
Next Mario went in with the highlight shade, telling us he loved this one because it was sheer and didn’t add too much shimmer. This was taken along the cheekbones, the forehead, down the centre of the nose and on the chin.
To buff everything out, Mario went back in with the foundation brush. Crucially, his top technique here was to blend the edges of the product he had applied rather than going over the product itself, otherwise we are simply going to remove the product. Mario also commented that the pressure for blending should be soft; too much pressure will do the same. Mario told us that these palettes were easy to blend because they were opaque and looked like natural skin, and I have to say that watching him transform this model in mere seconds was definite proof of how easy it was to work with. He said that the key to contouring is that there should be no harsh lines.
L'Oreal Paris Sculpt School Mario Dedivanovic Demo
For me, the most valuable part of the session was watching his blush application. He took the Blush Sculpt on a fluffy brush and had his model smile. He did lots of single sweeps downward on the cheek, much softer than the round pummelling I normally do to my own cheeks! He told us that he loved flushed cheeks because they always look youthful and pretty, and told us that this look was going to be huge for spring.
L'Oreal L'Oreal Paris Sculpt School Mario Dedivanovic Infallible Blush
To finish the cheeks, he took the lighter shade of the contour palette and worked it along the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow. And another great tip he gave was to ensure that you had a little bit of highlighter on the apples of the cheeks to really give a gleam. I did this tip on myself on Saturday night and saw such a difference in my photos.
L'Oreal Paris Sculpt School Mario Dedivanovic Brow Artist
Now for eyes. Mario swears by adding little dots to the lash line and then joining them to create the perfect eyeliner flick. The Superliner Black ‘n’ Sculpt has a spherical nib at the end of it, meaning that you can easily pat these dots onto the lash line. He also taught us his favourite tip for always getting your eyeliner even – lean your elbow on a table when you apply it. This, he said, was the key to getting the line as smooth as it can be. I was also fascinated that after Mario had applied the liner and it had dried he went back in to apply it again to ensure a really pigmented finish. Layering, he explained, was one of his favourite techniques to ensure intensity on the eyes.
And finally it was time for lips. Using the new Infallible Matte Max Designer Lip Pen, Mario created a soft lip for his model. He told us that he loves a matte lip but hates the way that it can clump and peel away on the inner lip, but assured us that this gel to powder texture does no such thing.
Last night I put all of these tips to the test and did my make-up for going out. What we also got from the masterclass which I was SO excited about was a Lumee phone case, essentially the perfect light for capturing your make-up in a selfie. So here’s the proof of the pudding – my sculpted look, which didn’t take long at all, lasted the night, and showed up perfectly in my photos.
L'Oreal Paris Sculpt School Mario Dedivanovic palette
Mario was such a lovely teacher. Rather than talking us through what he was doing, he talked us through why he was doing everything. I completely felt that he wanted to empower us all to feel that this was a fun, easy and liberating process, and I felt so excited to do my make-up after he had shared his wisdom. Before this class I really didn’t think that contouring would be my thing. I’ve always associated it with heavy, dramatic make-up looks and I just haven’t wanted to try it. But he made me realise that contouring can simply be a fresh, pretty way to add dimension to your base. It was the loveliest morning I have had in some time.
The L’Oreal Paris Infallible Sculpt range will be in stores this March 2016.
False Lash Sculpt Mascara – £9.99
Sculpt Brow Artist – £8.99
Infallible Matte Max Designer Lip Pen – £6.99
Infallible Sculpt Base Foundation – £8.99
Infallible Sculpt Palette – £9.99
Infallible Sculpt Blush – £7.99
Superliner Black ‘n’ Sculpt – £6.99
Dual Ended Sculpting Brush – £14.99
Thank you so much L’Oreal for having me.
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[…] I really like Mario. This time last year I attended a masterclass he held with L’Oreal Paris so I got to learn from him and meet him and he was an informative, kind teacher that taught me tips I’d genuinely not seen before. A rare accolade in a day when you can learn pretty much anything you want to know about make-up online. There were tips he taught me that I’ve been using since and really work – for example using several liners to create the perfect shape and lasting power. You can read my post about his masterclass here. […]