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Sunday, February 14th 2016 0

Luxury luminosity

For every day of February, I'll be reviewing a different complexion product.

Day 14: By Terry Terrybly Densiliss

Level of coverage

Offers a medium coverage but works well to colour correct any uneven skintone so you wouldn’t need much more coverage.


The finish is beautiful – I’d say it sits somewhere between matte and satin and gives the illusion of a true skin finish. This is very luminous and is the kind of foundation that makes people comment on how great you look, not how great your make-up looks.


No problems here. This will last the day without drying out or caking.

Techniques that you might need to know

Personally I love to apply this with fingers. Use alone or even mixed in with your favourite moisturiser for a nourishing, comfortable finish.

You’ll like this if…  

– You have more mature skin and want something that won’t sit in fine lines

– You want a formula that works to prevent fine lines as well as plumping them out

– You want a foundation infused with skincare that works to treat your skin

Avoid if…

Everyone will like this foundation, it truly is wonderful. But given that the price is so much more than a normal foundation, you don’t necessarily need to invest in this if ageing isn’t your main skin concern.

Products that work well with this 

To keep this in place all day without losing any of the luminosity, seal it in with the Hyaluronic Hydra Powder.

Everything else I need to tell you

A serum infused formula, this is designed to offer anti-ageing benefits as well as do the day job of creating a luminous base. Here’s what Space NK have to say…

“The futuristic formula offers long-term anti-ageing benefits along with immediate correcting effects for a flawless complexion – today and in the future. High-performance, anti-ageing ingredients work hard to firm skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles away.”

I absolutely love this foundation but I don’t use it regularly simply because I can’t afford to and at 26 I don’t need to. This is my mom’s favourite foundation. She is 65 and although she doesn’t feel that this has reduced any fine lines in her skin, she does feel that since using it she hasn’t seen any new lines appear. We have a bottle between us and use it when we really need to. For example, I’ll use this when my rosacea has flared up especially badly and I want to wear something a bit more nourishing.

If I had to describe this foundation in one sentence…

Luminous skin in a bottle, this is lovely for anyone that wants to plump out any existing laughter lines and prevent the onset of any more.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss costs £78.00 and is available nationwide at Space NK.

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