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Coming to Birmingham this Saturday

Last Christmas, Estee Lauder teamed up with Rosy Nicholas to make their Christmas gifts extra special.

Rosy used stickers to customise their products and then offered bespoke gift wrap and decorations to inject some colour into our favourite navy brand.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Rosy will be at Selfridges in Birmingham this Saturday offering her bespoke wrap service with Estee Lauder and I am so excited! I caught up with her to ask her a few questions about her craft and hear about her new book.

TDM_7420Este¦üe Edit - Rosy - TomDMorgan - HIRES RTD

You have so many creative disciplines from looking at your blog. How would you best describe yourself?

I know, I confuse myself sometimes! When I first started I was a Prop Maker, but then I started making things for people to wear so i changed it to Prop and Accessory Maker.These days I often just say maker and leave it at that. Mostly what I do always has a craft type element to it, I like to do as much by hand and hope that comes through. What I do everyday is hard to describe, but being multi-disciplinary means that I get to do lots of different jobs and I’ve always loved that.

Tell me about your new book.

It’s a classic craft book, the type I grew up with, except my book is all things to make and wear. It’s called Dress You Up, a 30 project step-by-step guide to making your own accessories with easy materials. Craft is having a real comeback but I noticed a lot of the books and blogs these days concentrate on homewares. So,  I wanted to do something a bit different and I love making things I can wear.

TDM_7350Este¦üe Edit - Rosy - TomDMorgan - HIRES RTD

Where are your favourite places to shop for arts and crafts essentials? 

I try and shop local because I think it’s important to keep all of our small, independent shops. I much prefer going into a shop for a rummage where I can see all of the colours and feel the materials as opposed to doing it online. I have a really great old haberdashers on the market near me in Dalston, east London, and some really great art shops down in Shoreditch. I’m lucky to live in London which has amazing shopping, there’s a list of all my favourite suppliers and shopping tips in the back of my book.

How did your path cross with Estee Lauder? 

I was interviewed for a beauty blog and talked about all the products that I loved, a few being Estee Lauder. My sister’s best friend, Jess, works for Estee Lauder and saw the article, and from there we realised we were a match made in heaven. Jess suggested I do the Estee Edit where I customised some compacts, and it went so well we’ve done a few other things since including the exclusive wrapping paper I will be using on Saturday.

TDM_7459Este¦üe Edit - Rosy - TomDMorgan - HIRES RTD

Since working with them, have you discovered any products that you can’t live without? 

I wear my DayWear BB everyday and couldn’t live without it. It’s the perfect amount of coverage for me, I love it. I’ve also recently fallen for the Modern Muse fragrance and as I get older I’ve started worrying more about wrinkles and I’ve really started getting into oils, so the Resilience Lift Oil is my favourite new thing.

How does your make-up reflect your creativity – do you mix and match your colours like you do in your craft or stick to tried and tested essentials? 

I really enjoying doing my make-up and my nails; I suppose it’s a continuation of work, getting to paint on a surface and decorate yourself. I always think trying new make-up is fun but I’m awful at doing it myself. I think I probably wear a red lip about 90% of the time if I’m left to my own devices. When we shot the Estee Edit the make-up girl put Stronger on me and I loved it! So I think sometimes it needs someone else to make you try new things.

TDM_7326Este¦üe Edit - Rosy - TomDMorgan - HIRES RTD

We’re so excited that you will be joining us at Selfridges in Birmingham for Mother’s Day. What is the best advice your mother ever gave you? 

My mum is the original craft queen, I think the best thing she ever did for me was being so patient and teaching me how to make things as a child. My mum and dad met at art school so I grew up in a very arty house with loads of materials. If I was bored she’d tell me to make something so I grew up with craft as my favourite type of play over toys or dolls. Whatever I wanted to make she could show me how and if I’m behind on a job these days, sometimes I still call her up. She always comes over and ends up saving the day. Mums! They are the best.

TDM_7374Este¦üe Edit - Rosy - TomDMorgan - HIRES RTD

Rosy will be on counter at Estee Lauder Selfridges Birmingham from 12 – 4pm this Saturday 5th March. Come and visit us to have your Lauder treats wrapped with love for your mom.

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