How to Make Your Foundation Last All Day

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6 little tips

One of the questions I get asked most is how to make your foundation last all day. So many people tell me that they leave the house with a full face of make-up on and by morning it has disappeared.

Here are a few of the things I would recommend to prolong your make-up.

Review your skincare routine.

Before you start introducing any more make-up to your routine, ensure that you’re using the right skincare. Using a great cleanser and moisturiser morning and night is the best thing you can do to help your make-up stay in place. Dry, neglected skin will drink the moisture from your make-up, leaving your foundation patchy and disintegrated.

My favourites include Bobbi Brown Balm Rinse and any Ole Henriksen moisturiser.

Ole Henriksen Empower Range Featherweight Moisturiser

Experiment with a primer. 

I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to primers. I love a primer that adds luminosity or glow, but I don’t always see the need for facial primers in keeping your make-up in place. This said, I speak to so many women that swear by primers. If you’re going to use one, apply a thin, sheer layer. Too much and your foundation will roll off.

My favourites include Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer, Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow and Tom Ford Illuminating Primer.

Flawless Beauty Primer Pixi

Apply plenty of your foundation. 

It sounds so simple, but make sure you’re applying a fair amount of product. Lots of product doesn’t always have to equate to a heavy finish. Choose a formula that suits you – whether a light, dewy foundation or a full coverage finish – and apply a hearty layer of it.

You can find a full list of my foundation reviews here.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation 1

Try a gentler technique.

Hannah Martin, one of two brilliant Bobbi Brown Pro Artists, recently gave me a great tip for foundation application. She said that sometimes too much buffing can move product around the skin, whereas gently stippling product onto the skin can build a stronger finish. I’ve been using the Bobbi Full Coverage Brush ever since to gently push liquid foundations onto the skin rather than swirling it around and I’ve seen great results.

Bobbi Loves London 4

Set with a powder.

Setting your foundation with powder is going to help enormously in keeping it in place. This doesn’t have to mean a heavy, caked finish. Something like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder gives a fresh, luminous finish, and Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush powder is a great universal choice.

Hourglass Radiant Light

Try not to touch your face. 

A friend of mine once told me that no matter what she does, her foundation (especially on the bottom half of her face) was gone by lunchtime. I watched her as we ate breakfast and the whole time she was touching her face or leaning into her hands. There was our answer. I know things like this are hard to control, but being slightly more mindful will make the world of difference.

Try these tips –  all of them or just a few – and I guarantee you’ll find a difference.

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