GTG Presents: The Ultimate Guide to Make-up Brushes and Tools

Tuesday, May 10th 2016 0

By Anna Hunter

If you don't already read it, Get the Gloss is one of my favourite beauty websites.

Specialising in health and beauty, their contributors cover a range of topics, and they even have an area called Get the Job for updates on careers in the industry and interviews with experts.

Anna Hunter, writer of the ‘Make-up Maniac’ column, has just launched her first e-guide called ‘The Ultimate Guide to Make-up Brushes and Tools’. For anyone that loves make-up this is such a great read. She covers everything from a complete history of make-up tools (I found out that one of my everyday essentials was first created in 2500BC!) to what your brushes are made from today and which items you need for what.

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I think make-up artists in particular will enjoy reading this because she delves into detail about where our brushes come from and what they’re made of. For example, cruelty free brands are listed for those who wish to keep a cruelty free kit, and pros and cons are listed to help you to decide on which textures of hair will be best for you.

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Alongside Anna’s expertise, each chapter is punctuated with quotes from some of the best artists in the industry such as Wendy Rowe and Daniel Sandler.

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I love make-up brushes and tools and dip into everything, but I still felt like I learned so much from this guide. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a beauty junkie, you’re going to love reading this. She even talks through each stage of your make-up and which brush suits it best, so you’ll know your go-to if you prefer say a powder foundation or a cream blush. And one more thing… I met her at a launch last year and she was absolutely lovely, so I was already all over this book before I had even read it!

The Ultimate Guide to Make-up Brushes and Tools is now available for download from Get the Gloss for £4.95. While you’re there, I’d really recommend signing up for their e-mail updates.

Congratulations on a brilliant e-guide Anna!

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