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Wednesday, June 8th 2016 1

with Manuka Doctor

Kourtney Kardashian has just announced her partnership with skincare brand Manuka Doctor as their Brand Ambassador.

This morning, after the most amazing night at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, I caught up with Kourtney to hear all about it.

Did you enjoy the awards last night?

Yeah they were really fun. I loved Susan Sarandon’s speech.

Kourtney then asked me if I’d done my own make-up and asked me what highlighter I had on so we were discussing my make-up for a little while (I was over the moon), and then…

Have you done your own make-up today?

No, I had a lady called Karen do it for me, she lives here.

Do your glam team not travel everywhere with you?

Mostly they come with me, but sometimes I like to use people who live in that place. Kim has used Karen before and really loves her. Sometimes it’s nice to try someone different.

What has she used on you today?

I have no idea, I was so jet lagged when she was doing my make-up!

What do you use on yourself when you haven’t got a make-up artist?

I like the natural look. I love Armani Designer Lift foundation and I’ve been trying the Burberry foundation recently too. I eat organic foods and use organic products so I’m researching into some organic make-up options to see if I might like to try those as my next step.

What’s your favourite beauty tip at the moment?

I’ve been sleeping with a silk pillow case and I wash my pillow cases daily. I think it helps not to leave lines on your face if you’ve slept in that kind of way.

Do you have any strange beauty tips?

Don’t forget about your hands. Khloe uses an SPF every day on her hands when she gets into the car, and she has the softest hands of anybody I have ever known.

How did your partnership with Manuka Doctor come around?

I’ve been using the honey for years, it’s in my tea right now, and I posted about it on my app, so the relationship came about really organically. I’m so busy that I only take on projects that I’m really passionate about, and they needed a brand ambassador so it came from there.

Which Manuka Doctor product is your favourite?

I love the oils because I like the consistency of them. I like to use them around the eyes and on my eyelids because sometimes I feel like creams can leave a product build up.

At this point our time was coming to an end so we had some photos, and then I managed to squeeze in one more personal question…

My sister is having a baby any day now, do you have any advice for her to see her through?

Women have been having babies for years in caves. It’s all going to be fine.

Kourtney was so friendly and warm, it was such a pleasure to meet her. You can find out more about her favourite Manuka Doctor products on their website here.



In case you were wondering, here’s the story of what happened in the build up to my meeting Kourtney today.

Let’s go back to yesterday afternoon when I took the train to London and started to prepare for what was the best night out I have ever had, the GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards.

First I went to Selfridges so that my friend Rikki could do my hair and put my Peaches and Cream pony in for me. After this, I checked in at the London Edition Hotel where Manuka Doctor had already left me a hamper to enjoy in my room! I put my dressing gown straight on, relaxed and watched Desperate Housewives all day, taking my time to get ready. In the meantime, the Edition delivered the most delicious cookies shaped like the Queen.


Manuka Doctor

London Edition tea with the queen

In our pamper pack was an invite from Kourtney and it said that she loved the ApiRefine Gold Dust Firming Serum under her make-up to give it luminosity. I gave this a try myself and loved it. When doing my make-up, I used lots of The Estee Edit products which I’ve been loving recently. I took the Beam Team all over my cheeks and the majority of my face, but took the Pore Vanishing Stick down my t-zone to give me a flawless complexion.

#BeeingKourtney Glamour Awards

The Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick

To start our evening, our group of bloggers had some pre-drinks in the penthouse (honey-based cocktails) and all sat down to dinner to get acquainted. Here’s what we had to eat…

London Edition Duck

London Edition Salmon

London Edition Creme Brûlée

Next we went to the GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards after-party. I honestly don’t know where to begin in telling you about it, it was just superb from start to finish. It’s the best event I’ve ever been to; I have ALWAYS wanted to go to to the Glamour Awards. I got to meet lots of people that I absolutely love like Ant and Dec and Amanda Holden, and also I got to meet the whole Glamour Beauty team which was just a dream come true. They were all lovely. Alessandra, the Beauty Director, looked absolutely beautiful, and her make-up was simply immaculate as always. Her skin is unbelievable, she looks filtered in real life! Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Kourtney on the night but I had such a great time so I was in good spirits.

Me and Amanda Holden

The goodie bag was packed full! Here’s what was inside.

Glamour Awards 2016 Goodie Bag

Considering my friend Tony and I partied until the small hours I was not feeling the freshest for my 10am breakfast this morning.

Bobbi Brown team

Luckily I was too busy telling Ally all about last night to care, and then I got a phone call to say that in 30 minutes I was going to be meeting Kourtney. Can you imagine? I ran straight to my room, applied a full face of make-up, had to fish last night’s eyelashes out from the bin, put my party dress and heels back on and made my way up to the penthouse to meet her. She was absolutely divine, so friendly and warm, my whole experience was complete.

Manuka Doctor #BeeingKourtney

Thank you Manuka Doctor for THE most amazing 24 hours!

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