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Sunday, August 21st 2016 0

Budget beauty at its best

Recently, a good friend of mine started working at Models Own.

I was delighted for her because she’s brilliant at nail art and thought she would love being in such a nail driven environment. But to my surprise, she told me that alongside nail varnish, Models Own  have an impressive make-up collection.

Here are some of her favourite pieces…

Limited Edition Colour Chrome Palette, £19.99
A great addition to a make-up artist kit, these molten metal gels are great for adding a high shine finish to a smoky eye. Given their wet, creamy consistency, I’d recommend pressing these over an eye make-up to add a pop of colour rather than using them all over the eye. They work well on lids or on the inner corners of the eye.

Models Own Colour Chrome Palette

Dare to Bear Eyeshadow Palette, £14.99
A simple nude palette, this contains 10 matte shades, ideal for soft smoky looks or for adding shape and frame to more high shine colours. I love the iridescent lettering on the front of the palette, and it’s nice and light if you wanted to keep it in a make-up artist kit or in your handbag. The consistency is soft and easy to blend.

Models Own Dare to Bear palette

Models Own

Brushes, from £10.99
The rose gold brushes from Models Own, complete with rosy tips, are really pretty to look at. They’d make a lovely gift for someone as they feel that little bit more special than your average make-up brush. Luckily, they wash really well too. My favourite is the Large Eyeshadow Blending Brush, however don’t be fooled by the name. This isn’t quite right for blending but it makes the loveliest little smudger brush, ideal for softening liner or adding shadow to the lash lines.

Models Own Brushes

Sculpt and Glow Highlighting Powder, £8.99
You’ll know from 5 minutes of reading my blog that I love highlighters and illuminators. This compact comes in two shades, Peach Pearl (pictured) and Golden Sand. The pigment is really strong so make sure you use a very soft, fluffy brush to apply this or else it may look too heavy.

Models Own Peach Pearl

Colour Chrome Collection nail varnish in Chrome Rose, £4.99
To be honest with you, after having delved into a lot of iridescent make-up I took this out of the box and very nearly mixed it into my foundation. Luckily I smelt it to double check before it went anywhere near my face and I realised it was a nail varnish and not a liquid illuminator. The finish of this was completely full coverage even after one thin coat. If metallic nails are your thing, these last very well and are reasonably priced. (And if Models Own ever want to go into making little liquid illuminators, Chrome Rose would be the most beautiful shade!)

Models Own Chrome Rose

Who knew that Models Own had such great make-up? If you’ve used any before I’d love to hear your thoughts – tell me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty.

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