Face Place Signature Facial at the Rosewood Hotel

Wednesday, September 28th 2016 0

LA's most sought after facial

One of the beauty figures that I trust over anyone is Newby from Net-a-Porter.

I interned for Newby some years ago (and tell anyone that will listen) and I was very taken by how honestly she articulated her opinion on things without promising the world. With lots of people taking her suggestions every day, she is careful not to over-promise and doesn’t make recommendations lightly. This in mind, when she posted a photo to her Instagram saying that she had just had a treatment that was in her “all time top ten facials” I knew I had to have it.

Taking to the Sense Spa in the Rosewood Hotel, London, I experienced a Face Place Signature Facial. This facial has been imported from LA and is designed to give the skin a thorough cleanse. Despite a similar technique for every client, the one variation is that before you start your treatment you have a full skin and health analysis so that a cocktail of serums relevant to your skin concern can be used throughout.

My facialist, Rebecca, completely made the treatment for me. Despite the fact that she works with an intimidating list of a-list clients every week, she was really down to earth, friendly and made the whole experience so relaxing. She struck the perfect balance of talking me through the treatment as she went but also allowing me to drift in and out of dozing off.

First, she prepped my skin and wished to open the pores using heat because steam can be drying. I was strapped into a strange leather cocoon, yet strangely this wasn’t at all claustrophobic. Up until this point I’d lay down on a heated bed, was tucked under a lovely soft towel and had my face massaged and cleansed. I was so relaxed I couldn’t have cared less about my Hannibal Lectar attire.



Next, Rebecca extracted any pimples and blackheads from my skin. This didn’t hurt at all. I was then wrapped in lots of product-soaked cloths and strapped into another leather head piece.


She wired up my headpiece and proceeded to use a machine that ran a galvanic current through my skin. This is designed to enhance skintone and firmness. Just before she switched on the machine, she said “you’ll feel a slight tingling on your skin and get a metallic taste in your mouth”. Literally, the moment it went on I could taste and feel the sensations. Completely bizarre, but not uncomfortable and again I found myself dozing off and relaxing while the current worked its magic.




As I lay for this part of the treatment, Rebecca gave me a neck and shoulder massage, then working to hands and arms. It was a total cherry on the cake of a completely relaxing experience.

The results of the facial were instant. One of my main concerns at the time was enlarged pores, and Rebecca’s extraction process had made them appear instantly smaller in size. Despite my natural rosy complexion, I had no redness in my skin post-extraction, and actually went straight to a meeting with no make-up on and felt a million dollars. The main differences I noticed were less redness, much more radiance and less visible pores.

One week on and the results are still visible. I’ve seen a consistent glow within my skin and it feels very radiant, and despite having quite dry skin at the time of my facial my overall hydration has completely improved. Even small things are telling, like the fact that my skin is so good that my foundation is lasting longer day to day.

The Rosewood is one of my favourite hotels anyway (my sister and I had the best stay of all time there a couple of years ago!) but I’ll definitely be back for this facial, largely because of how brilliant Rebecca was. You can find her on Instagram @LondonFacialist.

To explore the treatment menu at Face Place, visit the Rosewood Hotel website.


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