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Skincare for the hyper-educated

I think it’s fair to say that in recent years the way we shop has completely changed.

Lots of people, myself included, want more information before we commit to an expensive beauty purchase. For example, if I wanted to invest in a new foundation, I’d want to see what people I admire (Newby, Nicola, Alex) thought of it before I spent the money. This in mind, people are more educated than ever on beauty, and brands are responding.

One of the houses that has capitalised this is Deciem. Deciem are the umbrella that house lots of scientific skincare brands including Hyalamide, Fountain Beauty Supplements, Hand Chemistry and NIOD.

Deciem NIOD copper serum

NIOD is described as “skincare for the hyper-educated”. On receiving the collection some months ago, I found it lying dormant in my cupboard. The whole concept was completely intimidating and overwhelming to me – I was scared to use it in case I did something wrong with these scientific products. So I asked them to explain everything to me in every day terms, and by the end of our pot of tea I found myself desperate to get home and clean my skin.

For a moment, let’s revisit the Hylamide brand. Very briefly, this was the part of Deciem that was designed to be a simple and easy self-service brand for those that wanted scientific skincare. Products include a tan booster with no DHA (this is an ingredient commonly found in tanning products that can be very aging) and Photography Foundation, a layer to mix into your foundation or use over it to create skin that looks amazing in photographs. It’s like an easy-to-shop option for people to want more from their skincare. (Note: since this discussion with Dionne yesterday I used this today. I feel like I have a filter on my face in real life. It’s kind of a perfecting sheen. I also had 3 friends message me last night when I mentioned NIOD on Twitter to tell me that I must use this Photography Foundation.)

So once Hyalamide was on the market, everyone kept asking the founder, Brandon, whether he used it. He’s very honest and he was straight with them – the answer was no. Working so closely with the laboratories meant that he wanted the newest, most cutting-edge technology in his skincare. As a result, he used all of these products that were kind of ingredients in a pure form, designed to do a task and not necessarily to be pleasing to use. Next thing we know? NIOD is born.

Let’s talk key products. At the core of the range are two things…

Copper Amino Isolate Serum


My name for it: copper serum

The actual name for it: Copper Amino Isolate Serum (available in 1% or 5%)

Copper puts your skin into a state of heightened repair, making your skin act like younger skin. For example – if you cut yourself when you’re little, your skin heals quickly. If you cut yourself when you’re older, the healing process is much longer.

This copper serum is low viscosity. Meaning? It doesn’t feel like anything. Day to day, you’re really not going to feel a whole lot of difference for applying it. It’s a weird blue liquid that just kind of disappears when you put it on. But what it does do is ensure that your skin is repairing itself to a much better level. This is anti-ageing at it’s best.

This comes in two strengths, 1% and 5%. You have to start with the 1% version. If you needed a really intense repair for whatever reason, you could go up to 5% to speed up the healing process.

NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic  Complex


My name for it: hyaluronic serum

The actual name for it: Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex

Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that holds up to 1000 x it’s own weight in water. What this means is that it helps your skin to retain moisture and look plump and fresh and lovely. Lots of brands contain this and lots of consumers know about it and want it in their skincare.

Lots of products that contain hyaluronic acid may have a high molecular weight. This means that they will only enhance the surface of the skin and can’t penetrate the skin. This serum contains 12 compounds of hyaluronic acid to give a cushioning, plumping skin finish and really leave the skin looking juicy. When people think of hyaluronic acid they think of hydration, but what this is designed to do in addition to hydrating is make the skin look and feel soft and cushiony.

In a nutshell, if you cleanse, use your copper and use your hyaluronic acid, your skin is going to be healthy. Any other products from the range (of which there are many) you use if and when your skin needs them.

Next week, I’ll tell you about the rest of the range. But for now you have the low down on the core lines.

Liked the sound of it? No problem. NIOD offer free global shipping on everything.

Have you used anything? I’m so keen to talk to anyone who has because this is all so new and exciting to me. If you have any thoughts to share leave a comment or tell me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty.

Shout out to Dionne, you have taken me from ‘oh my god I can’t bring myself to touch it’ to ‘oh my god I can’t wait to get home and clean my face’.

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