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Wednesday, October 12th 2016 0

A mask to erase up to one year of hair surface damage

Earlier today I visited Lockonego on the Kings Road, Chelsea, to experience the brand new Heatcure treatment from Redken. When I used to intern for beauty desks I always used to hear great things about the salon so I was really looking forward to my visit today.

Given that my hair was dry shampooed to within an inch of its life and well in need of a blow dry, today was probably the best day that I could have had my treatment.


My friend Mel and I always laugh that the moment she hears of a range for dry, damaged hair, she recommends it to me. I’m guilty of bleaching my hair (I love being blonde) and my hair is naturally dry and coarse, so treatments are essential for me to keep my hair looking and feeling good.


After six years of development, Redken have just launched a new in-salon service to restore the look and feel of damaged hair. This is a cream formula that they apply to towel dried hair in the salon, seal in with a special heat-styler and rinse.


Here were some of the results that they got when testing the treatment…

– 100% of colour treated testers said hair felt more conditioned

– 94% said hair felt more nourished

– 92% said hair felt less damaged

Before we got down to the treatment, I really wanted to hear what my stylist Andrew thought of my colour. You’ll know if you read my blog regularly that in Birmingham I always see Mark at Umberto Giannini. He is just the best laugh ever and I enjoy sitting and having a few hours with him above anything else. So while I was somewhere new (which isn’t often because I always go to Mark) I thought I’d see. Andrew suggested gently adding a sprinkling of blonde to my roots (which I’m trying to grow out) and breaking up some of my highlights further down in the hair. The result was a multi-tonal, sun-kissed looking blonde which won’t need lots of maintenance.

andrew lockonego

Now for the Heatcure treatment. Here’s how we worked it…

– First, Andrew rinsed my colour thoroughly with two shampoos and towel-dried my hair to remove excess moisture.

– Next, he painted the treatment into my hair in sections in the same way that you would a colour.

– Taking the specially made Heatcure wand, he sealed the treatment into my hair. The formula includes oils, waxes, treatments and proteins that are heat activated and sealed into the hair by heat. These ingredients penetrate the cuticle of the hair, restoring the hair after any damage from colour and styling.

– Finally, we rinsed my hair (no shampoo, no conditioner, just water).

On taking my seat for my a blow dry, I noticed straight away that my hair seemed to be less frizzy than normal. I find myself reminding my hairdresser during blow dries to dry the front first and dry it directly from the root because my hair is so wild, but it seemed already smoother. The finished result is a silky, smooth blow dry that took less time to style.

Redken Heatcure

While we were drying my hair, Andrew and I discussed the treatment and how quickly you can see the results. What I quite love about it is that you get an instant lift. Let’s be honest – I colour my hair, blow dry it, style it, I’m actually quite bad to it. Sometimes I don’t want a lecture and a fix that will take months to materialise, I want someone to say “ok, I know your hair is dry at the minute but I’m going to make it look better in 30 minutes”. For the time conscious, for example those with a wedding around the corner or another special occasion, this is going to provide instant results.

Redken Heatcure

After my very first treatment I can already see a huge difference. My hair is shinier than normal and feels much softer. However – the treatment doesn’t end here.

Lockonego Highlights

This treatment is designed to last for up to 10 washes and then I need to use my at-home maintenance kit. This kit consists of four at-home treatments that self-heat when opened and can be used as a hair mask in place of conditioner. I’m going to use these over the next few weeks and tell you how I get on in maintaining my new hair.

Redken Heatcure before and after

For now, I am so pleased with the instant finish! Shinier, healthier hair, and in addition a stunning colour with exceptional service. Andrew who looked after me couldn’t have been lovelier, keeping me company at first and then leaving me to it when I got a 3pm deadline mid-colour. Then I had the pleasure of meeting Jonny, one of the co-founders of Lockonegeo, who told me all about the history of the salon and shared lots of thoughts and views on the industry. All in all, despite their insane repertoire of celebrity clients and a-list connections, I felt so at home having a beer with my blow dry and just relaxing in the chair! It was such a friendly and warm environment.

Dry, frizzy or colour damaged girls, this one is for you. And the best bit? It really won’t break the bank.

Heatcure is available nationwide. Salon dependent, prices start at £20 for the treatment and then £25 for the set of aftercare sachets.

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