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Thursday, October 13th 2016 0

The tan that smells like yoghurt

Have you tried Tan Luxe yet? This is the tan brand for girls who hate to tan.

My skin is naturally very fair with lots of redness in it. If I was simply fair I don’t think I’d mind so much, but the added redness means that if I’m showing a lot of skin (think legs/arms) then I prefer to have a hint of tan on. This helps to diffuse the appearance of the redness and makes me feel generally better: glowing, slimmer, the works.

Bearing in mind how fair I am, the last thing I want is anything orange.

Recently, I discovered Tan Luxe and I am absolutely besotted. For a number of reasons, I really feel that this brand is completely unique to anything else in tanning. First lets talk scent. We have those that smell like biscuits, those that are scent free (Vita Liberata is a great example), and now one that smells like Muller Light. You heard me. The Gradual Tan from Tan Luxe actually makes you smell nicer than you did before, a first in tanning if you ask me.


The best bit in truth is the application. This is so easy to apply that you can do it completely tired before bed, throw it on not fussing too much about rubbing it in, and it really doesn’t leave streaks. It comes out like a milky lotion so I just apply it to a tanning mitt and buff it all over. Even better, despite just being a gradual tan you can really see it the next day. The pay-off is much more generous than the gradual tans designed for daily use, so I’d stick to using this a few times a week maximum.

If you work long hours and can’t be bothered with too much preening when you get home, this is for you. You get a luxury, soft result in seconds.


While we’re talking Tan Luxe, I asked my friend Alison to share her thoughts on the tanning drops because she loves it too. Alison is like me and gets sucked into buying everything from QVC. She’s worked in the beauty industry for a very long time and tries everything, and when I say she’s no-nonsense it’s an understatement. Alison has high standards when it comes to what she uses in her regime, and she absolutely loves Tan Luxe. Here’s what she said when I asked her why it was so different…

I adore it because you can use it alone or mix with your sunscreen, facial oil or moisturiser. It looks natural, doesn’t go patchy or smell and doesn’t dry your skin out. I’m on my second bottle.

Tan Luxe is available on QVC.


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