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Wednesday, December 14th 2016 1

Glamour, Peaches and Kardashians

With 2016 coming to an end, I've found myself looking back on what has been a busy and exciting year. Here are some of the highlights from along the way...

Working backstage with MAC as an Undercover Artist at London Fashion Week 
At fashion week, we’re used to seeing backstage stories from so many people in the industry. But, welcoming me with open arms, this season MAC actually let me work on their make-up team for the Marques Almeida show and be a part of the equation. I got to learn from Claire and Dom, the total dream team, and our show was lead by Terry Barber. What an honour. It was one of the best experiences of my career to date, let alone this year.

MAC Backstage Marques Almeida 2217

Attending the Glamour Awards after party with the Pegasus girls 
Without a doubt, the Glamour Awards was the best party I have ever been to. Imagine seeing every beauty journalist and PR that you love, plus every brand founder, plus people that you love from TV like Ant and Dec or Amanda Holden, and having them all this party. It was just brilliant. Shout out to Tony who came back to my hotel with me and kept me up gossiping until all hours with enough room service to feed a small country.

Bobbi Brown team

Meeting Kourtney Kardashian with Manuka Doctor
Fast forward to the next day and the worst hangover ever, I’m sat having breakfast with my friend Ally and I get a call to say that I can interview Kourtney if I’m ready in 30 minutes! I really enjoyed meeting Kourtney. I know the Kardashians are a controversial topic and lots of people tend to love or hate them, but I have always truly loved them. A relaxed, warm and friendly girl, she was one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever had.


3 pop-ups with the Peaches
We love doing our Peaches pop-ups to allow our followers to enjoy the magic of the salon even if they aren’t based in Liverpool. This year, our quest took us away three times! We visited Glasgow, Belfast and Edinburgh. As well as getting to meet so many talented artists from other cities, I love doing the pop-ups because I get some quality catch up time with the girls. Glasgow was a killer of a train journey but me, Kharyce and Rosie made the best of it with a load of cocktails in a can at noon and one of Kharyce’s legendary playlists.

Peaches and Cream pigment swatches

Hosting a Q&A with Alessandra Steinherr and La Mer 
You know you have those people that you just love and want to be? Well Alessandra is one of mine. This in mind, I was having kittens in May when I got to host a Q&A with her in Birmingham and interview her on all things beauty. She’s usually the one hosting the interviews with celebrities and beauty authorities and all sorts, but she is so fabulous herself that it was great to have her in the spotlight. It’s a lovely feeling to spend time with someone you admire and realise that they’re just as nice as you hoped they’d be and more.


Having breakfast with Bobbi Brown 
I have to admit, a little part of me feels sad when I think about all of the great times I have with the whole Bobbi Brown team. They’re all such special, lovely people. My aunty loved Bobbi Brown and she’s passed away now, and I know she would be so excited if she could be part of all of the action. This year I got to have breakfast with Bobbi as she visited the UK to celebrate her 25th anniversary. And while I’m thinking of Bobbi, we sent the divine Hannah Martin to Birmingham and had the best day ever!

Bobbi Brown and Me

Being featured in Glamour
For as long as I can remember I have read and loved magazines, and after graduating all I wanted was to land a job at one. Things didn’t quite work out that way, but I have to pinch myself to tell you that I actually got interviewed in Glamour this year! A total dream come true, I can’t actually explain how happy this made me.

The Glamour Summer Edit

Launching Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham 
Working in a beauty hall means I get completely swept up in the hype of every new launch, but nothing was more exciting for me than the Victoria Beckham collection this year. Everything about this launch was just magical; the limited quantities, the endless phone calls and emails from people wanting to treat themselves, and then of course getting to celebrate our success with the lady herself. This launch, and indeed the launch of the Estee Edit, made coming into work a total pleasure.

Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder Packaging

These are just a handful of the great times I’ve had this year, all of which are possible because you continue to read my blog. Thank you so much for coming with me along the way and have a lovely Christmas.

Rose XXX

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    The Q&A with Alex was one of my highlights too. Such a great event!