Marc Jacobs Beauty: An Intro

Monday, January 23rd 2017 0

Coconuts, fuchsia pink liners and more

Just before Christmas, Marc Jacobs Beauty came to Birmingham so I had to go and explore.

Marc Jacobs is one of those brands that always comes up in conversation when friends go on holiday. So many people come back from their trips to Sephora with MJ pieces, especially the foundation, so I was really keen to try everything myself.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Yvonne, the national MUA for MJ, came to the UK to launch the brand and oh my gosh she was incredible. I meet so many brand ambassadors along the way but she was one of the funniest, warmest and most passionate I’ve come across. She used the craziest colours on me (I gave her free reign) and yet my make-up felt fresh, pretty and completely wearable. You can check out her work on Instagram @YvonneTheArtist.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Yvonne

Here are a few of the things I’ve been using, along with some photos and anecdotes of when we met at the new Birmingham counter…

ReMarcAble Full Cover Foundation Concentrate, £37, mixed with UnderCover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, £30

MJ’s most loved foundation is a completely matte, full coverage foundation that feels almost invisible on the skin. The weightless formula is oil free, dispensing in tiny drops. As little as four drops is enough to achieve a completely full coverage skin finish, lasting the night without moving.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

However, you might know by now that I hate anything matte whatsoever, which is where Yvonne’s top tips started to kick in. She took the Coconut Face Primer (I really don’t like primers, but this felt and smelled lovely) and rather than using it just to prep my skin, she mixed it right into my foundation in a 2:1 primer to foundation ratio.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Wanting to achieve a dewy but medium coverage finish, Yvonne used this mix all over my face and then covered some of my red prone areas with the high cover concealer. She used the tiniest little pot but the formula was very rich, giving coverage and a natural dewy finish. A great concealer but truthfully a bit of a disappointing shade range on this one.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Concealer

I wore this combination all night, and I had wine with dinner which always flushes my cheeks, and this stayed put beautifully. For those who like a really long wear finish without any dryness or heaviness, this is definitely one to try.

Air Blush, £28

Choosing the best shade of blush for me, Yvonne taught me one of the best beauty tips I’ve ever heard. Pull your lip out and have a look at the shade of pink just inside of the mouth. Find a blush and a nude lipstick similar to this colour and your complexion will look it’s healthiest. We used the Air Blush, a soft, easy-to-blend mixture of matte and pearlescent pinks.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Blush

Highliner Gel Eye Crayon, £19

By this point, Yvonne and I had both had a prosecco, my complexion was looking lovely and so I told her to do whatever the hell she wanted.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Cue the brightest eyeliners in the world.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Liners

She showed me these liners, all ridiculously pigmented, and used these to create a full smoky eye for me. When applied, they glide on softly in a gel texture, making them easy to buff out and blend. She used a fluorescent pink on me and the look was elegant and beautiful.

Finishing the look, Yvonne used a creamy nude liner and lipstick. What I loved about these is that they added fullness without looking like the false overdrawn lips you see so much on Instagram these days.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

So what’s the verdict?

The first few pieces I’ve tried have been pigmented and lovely. How this compares to other brands is that you have the boldness and the pigment of a colour brand, but the sophistication and ease of application of a luxury brand.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

If you take one thing, start with the Coconut Primer to add radiance and longevity to your existing foundation.

Marc Jacobs Beauty is now available at John Lewis in Grand Central, Birmingham.

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