Tata Harper: An Intro

Tuesday, February 7th 2017 0

100% natural and non-toxic skincare

We've just launched Tata Harper at Selfridges so I've been trying a few things and I am loving them. I've got naturally dry skin and so keeping it hydrated takes constant nurturing. What I love about the brand so far is that everything I've used will keep my skin moisturised all day or all night.

Repairative Moisturizer, £84 for 50ml

Described as “a saviour for dehydrated winter skin”, it really is. I know the price tag is high but if you are exceptionally dry you will find great benefit in this. I use this under my make-up, and it leaves a lovely, rich layer on the skin. Consequently I find that I don’t see any dry patches in my foundation. You could use this twice per day as there’s no SPF in the formula.

My sister is currently using this because she has two young children and doesn’t always get a full night of sleep. She says that this helps to make her look like she’s had a full 8 hours regardless of what really happened.

Concentrated Brightening Serum, £184 for 30ml

Again with a scary price tag comes a powerful, rich serum. If skin clarity is your quest, this one works really well to create a more even skintone and illuminate the skin from within. I save this for night time to give it lots of extra time to work, uninterrupted by make-up.

There are many serums that will brighten your skin, but this one is rich and nourishing in addition to a great antidote for sun spots or pigmentation.

Moisturizing Mask, £92 for 50ml

This is my favourite product from Tata Harper, and indeed one of the best masks I have ever used. With a texture like runny icing, this melts into an oily cream when applied and gently plumps and hydrates the skin. I always sleep in hydrating masks (I don’t see the point in washing off after 15 minutes when it can work through the night) and I noticed something different about this one. Where most masks I sleep in have completely disappeared by morning, there is still a residue from this the next day because it is that rich. By the time I’ve cleansed, the skin underneath is plump, glowing and soft, and my make-up doesn’t move all day. If dry skin is your concern then I would really recommend that you give this a go.

Even when using this once per week, I can see a huge difference in my skin every day.

Have you tried anything from Tata Harper? Let me know.

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