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Oils, isolated sugars and all sorts...

If there’s one skincare step I never miss, it’s my cleanser. Even if I’m too tired to indulge in a full skincare ritual, I make sure I’ve thoroughly cleansed my skin.

Here are some of the new arrivals that you may want to check out. They’re all quite different and will suit each person respectively depending on their needs…

Dr. Roebuck’s Cleanse, £18 for 125ml

Sensitive skins will like this cleanser from Dr. Roebuck’s. Their whole collection is focused on creating skincare solutions with the minimum amount of ingredients possible, therefore making simple and calming solutions. This cream is ideal for anyone with problem skin that wants to remove their make-up and not irritate the skin. You can’t use it on the eyes, but it works wonderfully with complexions. There are a mere 6 ingredients in this cleanser.

FRESH Soy Cleanser, £12.50 for 50ml

Ok so this one isn’t new, it’s something of a cult classic, but I only used it for the first time this week. For lack of a better word, it’s completely and utterly fresh, a light gel that melts all of your make-up away gently. This is very cooling on application so you’ll love this for something like a post-work-out cleanse, and the cucumber scent is lovely and calming. There’s rose in here so great for irritated skin, and the soy protein is rich in amino acids.

Pestle and Mortar Erase and Renew Double Cleansing System, £72 

Double cleansing is a notion that the beauty industry is well accustomed to, believing that the first cleanse will remove make-up and the second will thoroughly cleanse the skin. Pestle and Mortar have created a system that involves two different cleansers so that each can adequately serve a different cleansing purpose.

First, you take your Erase balm which will melt away all make-up. This is richer and will work through even a full face of Double Wear very easily.

Pestle and Mortar Double Cleanse

Next, to soothe and illuminate the skin, the Renew gel cleanse is a light afterthought.

Pestle and Mortar Double Cleanse

The third step in this equation is a thick flannel with two different finishes, one for buffing the skin and another to simply bathe it.

Pestle and Mortar Double Cleanse

Although this works well as a double act, I prefer to use these separately, using my gel in the morning and the balm at night.

Decleor Micellar Cleansing Oil, £26 for 150ml 

This is one of the loveliest cleansers I have ever used. A really light but rich formula, this melts away every scrap of make-up, even from eyes, and doesn’t leave an oily residue. If you want something really quick to use, this is a total dream. It’s an oil in water formula so it’s very nourishing.

Decleor Micellar Oil

Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser, £12 for 200ml

Anyone slightly more red prone is going to love this cleansing option. For the last few weeks I’ve been using quite a few of the Avene calming skincare pieces and they are just so gentle. This cream is lovely to melt away face make-up (avoid the eyes) or for a gentle, nourishing morning cleanse. If your skin feels tight, hot or generally in need of some TLC, this is your go-to. It stays lovely and creamy and doesn’t change in consistency, so you can use it to give your skin a massage as you cleanse. It’s a hydrating cleansing option for anyone who doesn’t want to go for an oil or balm.

Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner, £19 for 120ml 

The entire Abnormal Beauty Company is beauty royalty in my bathroom. I love their approach to beauty, creating simple but innovative skincare solutions. This Deciem solution removes all make-up. The consistency is really bizarre to be honest with you, it’s unlike any other cleanser. It’s like an oily water, but not an oil, and it leaves a hydrating skincare film once you’ve cleansed. However, it’s scent free and dissolves all of your make-up without being too rich. If you love the thought of a cleanser that removes things as easily as oils but oil kind of scares you, this is for you. Also, unlike oils, you won’t need a flannel to remove this as water will adequately rinse it.

NIOD Low Viscosity Cleansing Ester, £30 for 240ml

The NIOD cleanser is really similar to the Deciem Cleanser (they’re both under the Abnormal Beauty Company) but the consistency is even thinner. It’s like a rich, runny water that melts everything away. Unlike lots of oil based cleansers, this uses no plant oils whatsoever, instead formulated of isolated sugars and avocado esters. I like having this in my cupboard because it does the job it’s supposed to do really well, however the consistency is peculiar it isn’t necessarily the most pleasing of evening rituals. Again, a great option for anyone that wants to quickly remove their make-up.

NIOD Mustic Mast, £27 for 90ml

If pores are your bug bear, you’ll like this tightening cleanser from NIOD. Mustic Mast comes out like a paste, almost like buttery icing. I say icing because it smells like cake mix, kind of sweet and not cooked yet. This is the kind of cleanser you save for a Sunday when you’re preparing for the week ahead and doing your nails, shaving, tanning, the works. It gives a really deep cleanse and leaves your skin clean and tight but not dry. Don’t use this to remove your make-up. Instead, use it if you feel that you need a bit of a clarifying skincare treat.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Foam Wash Masks, £5.99 for 150ml

L’Oreal Paris released those clay masks last year that you can’t have missed on Instagram. The world and his wife seemed to post a photo multi-masking and using each different mask on different areas of the skin to combat different needs. Now, they’ve released clay cleanser versions of each. If you like a very clean, thorough cleanse, this is for you as these will foam when they meet water. The texture is quite unique as it merges clay and gel like properties to create a movable but detoxifying clay cleanse.

L'Oreal Clay Cleansers

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil, £32 for 180ml

Without a doubt one of the best products I’ve ever used, if you buy one cleanser on this list, make it this one. A sumptuous, rich oil, this melts away every scrap of make-up in seconds. Like the rest of the Midnight Recovery range, this is plant based skincare at it’s best and completely soothes the skin with each use. Although it’s suitable for twice a day, I would save this for evenings because it’s so good at removing make-up.

Kiehl's Cleansing Oil

These are the best in new cleansers, but I can’t talk cleansing without a mention of my favourite RMK Cleansing Balm or the brilliant new Caroline Hirons and Pixi Beauty Double Cleanse system.

Which cleanser do you use? Tag me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty and show me.

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