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Sunday, April 2nd 2017 0

My love affair continues

With more variety than ever in beauty, I'm finding myself drawn to the classic brands that have been in my make-up bag for years. Here are the new discoveries I've had at my beloved Tom Ford...

Shade and Illuminate, £58

In truth, Tom Ford is more expensive than your average make-up brand. I’m happy to invest because everything I’ve tried from them has been brilliant; their lipsticks, for example, are unparalleled. But when it came to Shade and Illuminate, their cream bronzer and highlighter, I never really committed because I felt I had lots of alternatives that worked well for less of a price.

Then, of course, Sali Hughes released her second book, Pretty Iconic, and given that it had it’s own hall of fame moment I realised I may have been too quick to rule it out.

Tom Ford Beauty

Indeed I was.

Now that I have this, it’s become one of my favourite bronzing products because it looks so natural. Given the creamy texture of both the bronzer and highlighter, your skin simply looks healthy and dewy but with added accents of light and dark. No tell tale streaks and no crazy contouring; this is the anti-contour for anyone that simply wants to add a healthy glow to their skin.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

I say all this and it is largely affected by the brush I’m using to apply it. The Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate brush, £59, can create a really full and sculpted contour for you if you use it with this palette. I, however, prefer a softer finish and have been using the Peaches PC04 Powder Brush for bronzer and simply my fingers to pat on some highlighter. A large brush like this gives a seamless, natural finish.

Just before going to Australia this year, I updated my Tom Ford collection and the result was quick and easy holiday make-up that looked glamorous in minutes. Here are the new go-to items in my make-up bag…

Tom Ford Beauty

Shade and Illuminate in Scintillate, £58

Like the bronzing and highlighting counterpart, this limited blusher allowed for a glowing skin finish with a cream blush and a golden highlighter. This works well when teamed with the original because the blush adds a realistic warmth to the bronzer and the more golden highlighter works beautifully on limbs as well as the cheekbones. By all means, take a little onto your lips to match up.

Traceless Foundation, £66

Usually a firm fan of the Creamy Stick foundation, I switched to Traceless this spring and I love the slightly lighter texture of it on my skin. Traceless foundation does what it says on the tin, offering an even and velvety finish and blurring over imperfections without giving an excessive coverage.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

Soleil Blanc, from £155

This perfume, for me, is just a holiday in a bottle. Conjuring memories of Pina Coladas on the beach, Soleil Blanc has the edge over other sweet fragrances because there is a warmth from the amber undertone that adds depth and sophistication. Key notes are coconut and white florals.

Cocoa Mirage Palette, £66

I have to admit that the ‘more is more’ make-up movement we’re currently in the midst of has inspired me to ignore precise, sculpted styles altogether. I love doing my eyes in a smudgy, smoky way to just add depth and bring out what’s naturally there. The sexiest way to do this is with matte shadow shades, and that’s where Cocoa Mirage comes in. This quad can create every kind of smoky eye you want, from a little depth around the lashes to total chocolatey bombshell. Those of us still in mourning at the discontinued Cognac Sable will find solace (though not a replacement) in Cocoa Mirage.

Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage

What are your favourite Tom Ford Beauty pieces? Tag me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty and show me.

Tom Ford Beauty

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