Hershesons: the Best Colour in London and the Best Blow-Dry in Birmingham

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The best balayage and a silky blow dry to last for days

Cut and colour: Conduit Street salon, London

With naturally mousy brown hair, I’ve always felt at my best as a blonde.

After years of highlighting my hair from root to tip, in recent months I’ve been trying to find a colour option that merges deeper roots and lighter ends without necessarily being as dramatic as a classic ombre. You know when you see those girls who are naturally mousy and have never coloured their hair but the sun has naturally kissed it? That’s the kind of thing I was going for.

My stylist, Maxine, looked at my hair on the day and a few recent photos and instantly knew what to do with my hair. She noted that although I had lots of blonde at the front of my hair, the ends of my hair were quite dull. By lightening those, she said I’d feel really blonde as this is the hair that I see the most of.

Here’s my hair on the day that I arrived.

Hershesons Maxine

Maxine was really funny and warm and I liked her instantly. One of the things I love about Mark, my favourite hairdresser in Birmingham, is that he is really honest with me about what will work and what won’t and I could tell Maxine was the same. She taught me lots of memorable things as she did my hair and they’ve really stuck. My favourite insight of hers was that going to different hairdressers for your colour is like wearing 6 different swimming costumes and expecting a perfect tan. By sticking to one, she told me, your hairdresser can work on their vision. The first colour is like sketching a picture and the second visit is like truly being able to colour it in.

Hershesons Maxine

Hershesons Maxine

When mixing my colour, Maxine worked Smart Bonds into it. This is an in-salon treatment to keep your hair strong and I can say 2 months on that it feels so much fuller and stronger than it normally would after this length of time; I’m usually in desperate need of having weak ends cut away by now. She created a balayage hair colour for me using a couple of shades of blonde, avoiding the roots and really brightening my ends. Everyone has commented on my colour and it still feels fresh and pretty despite being 9 weeks old now.

Hershesons Maxine

For my cut and colour, I visited Luke’s first assistant, Jordan. So many of my friends work in hair and make-up, and I was really keen to get Jordan’s tips on how to work successfully as an assistant. As we styled my hair, I picked his brains on tips for any budding hairstylists.

Jordan was a laugh but also sensible and focused on my hair, which I think summarised all of his advice. He said that to make it as a good assistant you have to be calm. When things get hectic on set, a good assistant will keep you calm and a bad one will make you more flustered. I think he hit the nail on the head when he said you have to be mindful that there’s a lot of downtime and lots of socialising within the industry, so don’t be boring but don’t come in looking like death the next day either. Ha.

Hershesons Maxine

Jordan made what felt like a couple of minor tweaks to my hair and it made the world of difference. He didn’t cut inches from my length or radically overhaul my simple long, fairly standard hair, but he added some movement into the fringe and a few layers through the ends to make it bouncier. The main thing I’ve found is that whenever I have it blow dried now the finish is much more textured.

Styling: Selfridges Blow Dry Bar, Birmingham

Recently, Hersheson’s have opened a blow dry bar at Selfridges in Birmingham. This is where I work so I’ve been going for regular blow dries, and I have to say the girls there are just brilliant.

Hershesons Birmingham Blow Dry Bar

Hersheson’s offer something quite unique with their blow dry bar. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it at first and now I love it. They offer a menu of 12 different hairstyles, and these 12 are the same in any branch of Hersheson’s . There’s something to suit everyone, from curly to straight or bouncy and a few updo’s.

Hershesons Birmingham Blow Dry Bar

At first, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to stray from the menu. But Luke explained his thinking, noting that from normal salon to salon you can feel like you’re having a completely different experience when you ask for the same service. At Hersheson’s, every single stylist is trained to do these 12 signature looks in the exact same way, meaning that whether you go to Birmingham or London you will achieve the same finish and receive the same exceptional service in each door. This is my favourite look, the Half n Half, it’s a full bouncy blow dry that isn’t too curly.

Hershesons Birmingham Blow Dry Bar

My hair is naturally dry, frizzy and coarse, and the girls have managed to give me sleek, glossy blow dries that last days longer than my usual.

I can’t recommend them enough.

For a warm, down-to earth salon experience but with luxury results, this has become one of my favourite places to unwind.

P.S I love them so much that I invited Luke to Birmingham to do a Q&A in March to celebrate the launch of the blow dry bar. Here are some photos and I’ll keep you posted if we do anything like this again!

To book in with your nearest Hersheson’s team, see details below. Thank you to Luke, Maxine and Jordan in London and Chantel and Paige in Birmingham for looking after me so well.


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