Nip + Fab have launched their own make-up and it’s fantastic

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The best thing to happen to the high street this spring

Nip + Fab, the little sister to beauty powerhouse Rodial, have launched a new make-up collection this spring and I'm really loving it.

Everything is £15 or less so these are really purse-friendly. Given the price point, they really sit well among some of their luxury counterparts.

Nip + Fab Makeup

Although everyone is going to enjoy this collection, I think make-up artists in particular will find this easy to navigate. They’ve covered lots of kit essentials, and if you’re someone starting out in make-up or perhaps you’ve just finished a beauty course, you’ll have a really great start to creating your kit with some of these pieces.

Nip + Fab Makeup

Let’s take a look at some of the core pieces from the range…

Foundation, £12.95

With a focus on creating photo-ready skin, this foundation is a full coverage formula with a velvety finish. I like to go into foundation reviews in more detail so I’ll do this separately in another post, but one thing I am really impressed about is the addition of mixers to the range.

Nip + Fab Makeup foundation

The core foundation range comprises 10 shades, spanning a fairly wide selection of skin tones. For make-up artists or those that can’t find the perfect blend, there are two mixers that you can add to your selection. A pure white and a deep brown, these will blend into any other foundation to make them lighter or deeper as you wish. These will last for a long time because each drop equates to 1/2 a shade lighter or deeper.

Nip + Fab Makeup foundation mixers

Colour Correctors, £8.95 each

Again, make-up artists are going to love this colour correctors because they’re really pigmented.

Designed to counteract any discolouration in the skin, these four wands are brilliant. There’s an orange to neutralise blue tones, green to neutralise redness, a yellow to brighten and highlight (I also like yellow for neutralising redness) and a purple to brighten any sallow, yellow tones.

Nip + Fab Makeup colour correctors

The consistency is thin but the colour pay off is strong, meaning that these work well under make-up and don’t sit in any fine lines. The applicator is a fine brush so you can really work them into the skin before covering them.

Eyeshadow Palette in Sculpted 1, £10.95

If you start your journey with Nip + Fab make-up with one product, make it the eyeshadow palette. At £10.95 for 12 shades, this is one of the loveliest neutral palettes I’ve used.

Nip + Fab Makeup eyeshadow palette

I know so many brands are offering neutral palettes like this at the moment, but I am really impressed with the range of colours and the pigmentation from this palette. A mixture of matte and shimmer shades, you have everything you need to create day or night time looks. All of the shades in this palette have a warmth to them, meaning they’ll make any eye colour that little bit more piercing.

A top tip from Nip+ Fab, use their Primer Water to wet your brush before you use the shimmer shades and you’ll get a more intense, foiled finish.

Contour Palette in Light 1, £15

Comprising six shades to illuminate, deepen and sculpt, this matte palette is a one for all contouring needs. The finish is very velvety, giving a natural skin finish should you want it to. The deepest shades won’t be dark enough to deepen dark skin, but there are adequate shades to sculpt by using lighter shades to emphasise fuller areas of the skin.

Nip + Fab Makeup contour palette

Available in three shades, there are contouring options to suit each skin tone across these palettes. The high street beauty market isn’t always the most inclusive of all skin tones so this is a really positive step in the right direction – I’m really pleased that Nip + Fab have championed such a diverse offering.

Highlight Palette in Stroboscopic 1, £15

An equal and opposite counterpart to the Contour Palette, this comprises six shades to highlight and illuminate. There are so many ways that you can use these shades; take the lighter shades to highlight the inner corners of eyes, and the deeper shades work well mixed with blusher to create a luminous skin finish all over.

Nip + Fab Makeup highlighter palette

The shimmer to these is just right – they’re not too luminous but you get a strong strobe from even one sweep. Take care to gently layer these and build as desired to prevent any cakiness.

To complete the collection they have a great mascara and a Primer Water, both £9.95. The wand from the mascara is big, leaving full and defined lashes, and the spritz nozzle on the primer leaves it perfect to prep and set your make-up.

Nip + Fab Makeup primer water

One of the most exciting additions to the high street beauty hall this year, I am so impressed with Nip + Fab.

This make-up range is exclusive to Superdrug nationwide. Let me know if you try anything.

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