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Sunday, May 28th 2017 0

The best beauty tips from the week

Last week, Selfridges and Tatler toured every beauty hall that we had in order to impart some words of beauty wisdom.

I was joined by Beauty Director Francesca White and Beauty Associate Jennifer George, both hysterical and winning my vote because their affections are generally split between beauty products and their pets in equal measure.

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

Visiting London, Manchester and Birmingham, we hosted a series of events called ‘In Conversation with Tatler’, during which I interviewed the girls about their favourite beauty products, especially those shortlisted in this year’s Tatler beauty awards.

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

We had such a lovely week and I learned so many useful tips. Here are a few of the things I’ve come away bursting to share with you…

Glosses are in again, and the new top coat lip glosses at Chanel will alter your favourite lipstick.

Le Rouge Lip Gloss, the latest innovation from Chanel, offers not only a selection of glosses but also a couple of top coats that invert the colour of your lipstick. The golden top coat will add luminosity to your lips or lipstick, thus giving the illusion of a lighter shade. For something deeper, Caviar will mix into your favourite shades and make them ever so slightly smokier. A simple addition like this to your make-up bag will help you to mix up all of your existing shades.

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

Speaking of mixing, we’re all obsessed with the Clinique BIY Pigment Drops.

Clinique’s latest innovation is a miniature bottle of pure foundation pigment. Depending on the level of coverage you want, you simply add one drop or several drops to your favourite moisturiser and create a bespoke foundation. What’s more is that you can create different finishes depending on what you mix with; for example, their Moisture Surge will give you a sheer and hydrating cover, whereas their Pep Start will create a fuller coverage matte foundation when mixed. This build-it-yourself approach works well for those who find their skin to change, for example being affected by working patterns or perhaps that time of the month.

Clinique BIY Drops

The Super Elixir is one of the few health supplements that doesn’t “taste like pond water”.

The notion of green juices gathered a resounding yawn from the girls, with one exception: Super Elixir. As you’ll know from my previous posts, I am truly sold on the power of Super Elixir. We all found different benefits from using this regularly; Jennifer noticed a huge surge in energy, Francesca travelled India without any coughs or colds along the way, and I found it to hugely ease the pain of my endometriosis.

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

We all need to check out the new cleansers from Dior.

Apparently there’s a layer of good bacteria in the skin that we should be looking after, quite like the way we look after our gut health with a shot of Yakult. Who knew? Dior have extended their Hydra Life range to include four new cleansers suited to various cleansing preferences, each designed to work in harmony with this bacteria. Whether you prefer something rich like a milk or thorough like a foam, there’s a formula to suit you.

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

Despite working at one of the most esteemed publications of them all, I have been assured that what really makes Jen tick is a £4 Oil of Olay cleanser.
Insisting that you can rub this cleanser “into your brain” and it won’t sting or hurt, Jen swears by this high-street saviour from Olay. Her various picks included La Mer moisturising cream and foundation and fragrances that cost around the same as a monthly mortgage payment, but when it came to taking her make-up off this was her crown jewel.

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

When it comes to masks, “a tingle is good: a burn is bad”.

If you apply a mask and you feel heat, remove it straight away. With the exception of heated products, skin should feel a gentle tingle and nothing more, and anything else is causing irritation. They both love Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask which they say smells like Thanksgiving.

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

I can’t mention our event without a shout out to our beautiful goodie bags. Tuck Box Cakes in London (Instagram @TuckBx) and created a selection of biscuits in the shapes of the hero products, and each guest received a copy of Tatler and a biscuit to take home.

Tuckbox London

Tuck box London bumble and bumble Tuck box London peter thomas roth

Tuck box London charlotte tilbury

Tuck box London super elixir


How lovely were they?

We had the same in Manchester and Birmingham but using a different cookie maker. Both delicious, I’ll share the name of the Manchester and Birmingham maker as soon as I have it.

Selfridges Beauty Tatler Cookies

Be sure to keep up with the girls @FrancescaAmandaWhite and @JenniferRosina on Instagram and in Tatler each month. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any more events coming soon.

Thanks for a lovely week girls, and to Annie, Steph and Claire for making the week one we won’t forget!

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

Selfridges Beauty Tatler Charlotte Ingram Kate Dixon

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

Selfridges Beauty Tatler

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