Summer: A New Cut and Colour at Hershesons

Tuesday, June 13th 2017 0

A hair rehab session

Earlier this month, I visited Maxine and Jordan at Hershesons on Conduit Street for a cut and colour refresh.

First was Maxine touching up my colour. Maxine had created my last colour and I loved it; a grungy blonde with natural roots. Seeing as my root is fairly dark, I wanted her to make me feel blonder but without disrupting the root, otherwise my regrowth is strong and noticeable.

One of her favourite practises is to combat what she calls “colour abuse”, especially in blonde hair. I’ve bleached my hair so much over the years that it has been left weak, brittle and dull, so Maxine gently brightens the areas most on show and leaves the rest. The result is more carefree but still groomed, my ideal look.

As always, she mixed Smart Bonds into my colour to strengthen and condition the hair. I’ve noticed a huge change in my hair over the past couple of months in that it seems to maintain shine and strength between appointments. I think this is down to two things; Maxine’s technique, and the Rahua shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, Rahua is pricey. A full bottle of the Colour Full Shampoo and Conditioner costs £36 and £38 respectively. However, the difference they’ve made to the smoothness, shine and condition of my hair is unreal. Paige, my hairdresser at my local Hersheson’s blow dry bar in Birmingham, has seen a huge difference in my hair from regularly styling it for me.

Rahua Shampoo review

Looking at the way I tend to wear my hair (a bit dishevelled, down, and all thrown to the front of my chest rather than down my back), Maxine noted that it was the ends of my hair that were always on show. For this reason, she’s worked on brightening my ends and leaving my roots fairly simple.

Next, Jordan gave me a new cut to maintain what we had done last time. What I have loved about my last two cuts with Jordan is that I can hardly tell he has done anything but my hair looks healthier and falls more neatly. Nothing is worse than asking for a trim and finding your hair hacked into, but Jordan does nothing of the sort.

Hershesons Maxine Jordan

Here’s a photo of my hair since from a blow dry I had at Dry By in New York – it shows off the cut and colour well.

Hershesons Jordan Maxine

Whatever your hair concern, whether you just need a refresh or you’re looking for a total style overhaul, these two are as described on the Hersheson’s website: the dream team.

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