Glossier: the London Pop-up and the Heroes

Sunday, August 20th 2017 0

See my favourites ahead of UK launch this October

Earlier this year, I was visiting New York for the first ever time. My friend and I said that we really must visit the Glossier pop-up apartment, only to arrive and find it adjacent to our hotel. Our visit was a complete sensory experience and allowed us to be immersed in the brand and the huge crowd that had come to see it.

I really love this brand for so many reasons. They’ve created an entire beauty powerhouse from the internet, engaging with their social media community and responding directly to what their followers want.

Glossier London Pop Up

And just take a look at their website and image visuals. They have such an inclusive approach to beauty, you’ll find models of every descent and a shade range to reflect their vision. It should be the simplest and most basic approach, but taking a look at the wider beauty industry you’d be surprised at how many brands just don’t think like this. Making a statement like this is important.

Glossier London

In July, Emily and the team visited the UK to host a pop-up in London ahead of their official Soho launch in October. There was even a queue to get in, and the Glossier girls ran to Selfridges to buy umbrellas to keep everyone dry.

Glossier London

Here’s a look at the collection with some notes on my favourite pieces. I’m counting down until October!

Balm Dot Com 

I absolutely love this multi-purpose balm. It’s oilier than most balms and stays moist for a long while after application, but doesn’t spill or go tacky. Currently my go-to lip balm and I use it on my cuticles.

Glossier London

My favourite flavours are Coconut (tastes like Custard Creams) and the sweet Birthday Balm.

Glossier London Balm Dotcom

Milky Jelly Cleanser

A unique cleanser texture, this is one of the things I’d recommend you to try first from their skincare range. Jelly is the perfect description, because it sits quite stickily on the skin and remains tacky until you’ve massaged the whole face. Gentle enough to use even on the eyes, it will dissolve all make-up and then melt away when rinsed with water. This is very soothing and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight.

Glossier London Milky Jelly Cleanser



This is one of the best products in the range for adding luminosity to the skin. A balmy highlighter stick, this adds moisture and shine without adding glitter or a thick shiny finish that some powders can give. Press over the cheekbones and anywhere else that you want to add a fresh, pretty glow to the skin. The creamy formula means that it doesn’t sit in any fine lines and will add a lustre even to more mature skin.

Glossier London

And a look at everything else…

Glossier London Super serum

Glossier London Priming Moisturiser

Glossier London

Glossier London Cloud Paint

Glossier London Lip Gloss

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