Jo Loves: A Fragrance Paintbrush

Sunday, August 20th 2017 0

Launching 1st September

Always looking to push the boundaries of how she expresses her fragrances, Jo Malone has returned this autumn with a new innovation within her Jo Loves collection. 

One of my favourite innovations of Jo’s is her Shot Candle. She is fascinated by the art of layering fragrance and likes to team two fragrances to make a custom blend. This can be achieved simply by spritzing two perfumes or by prepping the skin with a scented lotion before layering a different fragrance on top of it.

Knowing that this allowed her to create a unique fragrance, she wanted to bring the same idea to her range of candles. Now, she offers candles that come in two halves and slot into one another like a jigsaw. When you make your candle, you slot two different fragrances together and make a candle that releases both scents in harmony as it burns.

Her latest sensory fragrance release is a Fragrance Paintbrush. In her earliest Jo Malone London days, she used to apply body lotions with a long paintbrush, a notion long gone from the brand that we know today. This is now one of the rituals at the Tapas Bar of her current Jo Loves collection. A relaxing, sensory experience, this was one that her customers enjoyed immensely when visiting her Belgravia boutique and so she created a way for them to take it with them.

Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush

The Fragrance Paintbrush launches this September in a number of her best selling fragrances. This little wand fits perfectly into your handbag and applies fragrance in the form of a cooling gel by paintbrush. You click the bottom to release the fragrance like you would a YSL Touche Eclat.

Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush

Aside the novelty of it’s peculiar delivery, the main benefit with this is that it is discreet enough to travel with. When travelling or running from meeting to meeting at work, the last thing you want is to catch a burst of a fragrance that you haven’t invited. This wand allows you to touch up fragrance as you go without disturbing those around you.

Jo Loves BAg

As always with Jo Loves, the packaging is truly beautiful. Housed in a decadent white box with lavish red ribbon and, as always, the red dot of integrity, it makes the most special gift idea.

Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrushes are available this September in scents Pomelo, Green Orange & Coriander, Red Truffle 21 and White Rose & Lemon Leaves at £40 for 18ml.

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