La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20 Review

Monday, September 4th 2017 1

A skincare-infused, velvety foundation

Level of coverage

Depending on how much you apply you can achieve a light or a medium coverage with this.


The finish on this is velvety but luminous, mimicking the feel and texture of natural skin but imparting an almost ‘lit from within’ glow.

LA mer the soft fluid long wear foundation


When teamed with setting powder and prepped with skincare, this offers a long-wear finish.

Techniques that you might need to know

This is designed to be used with the softest, most luxurious looking and feeling make-up brush. If you like brushes, it truly is wonderful. But to the contrary, I love applying this with fingertips as I find the warmth of my hands makes it melt effortlessly into the skin.

You’ll like this if…  

– you want an everyday polished make-up look that doesn’t look too full

– you want something easy and quick to blend

– you like investing in your skincare and want your foundation to have added skincare benefits

– you want something that won’t sit in fine lines

Avoid if…

Budget is a key factor. This is expensive compared to most foundations and you will still find something lovely for a fraction of the price.

LA mer the soft fluid long wear foundation

Products that work well with this 

As mentioned above, the Foundation Brush (£50) is the softest tool on the beauty hall for applying this little bottle of luxury. I find that it sits very well over illuminating primers because the softer level of coverage allows any luminosity from the skin to shine through.

Everything else I need to tell you

I first came across this foundation on our Tatler Beauty Tour earlier in the year. Jenn and Francesca had chosen it as one of their picks of the year and so I tried it for myself. We were all in agreement; at £80 a jar, it’s expensive. However, for any skincare enthusiasts who invest time and energy into their skin regime, this foundation is a great extension of that level of care. If you’re someone who wants to look after their skin as best as possible, this is great option for you because it is infused with luxury skincare and the trademark La Mer Miracle Broth. Another point to note is that the fine texture means that it sits well on slightly more mature skin and won’t sit in any fine lines.

LA mer the soft fluid long wear foundation

If I had to describe this foundation in one sentence…

A wonderful skincare infused foundation for anyone who wishes to wear something to compliment their existing beauty regime and especially flattering on more mature skin.

This foundation costs £80 and is available at La Mer counters nationwide.

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