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Wednesday, September 20th 2017 0

Using all of his favourite La Mer heroes

Today I joined make-up artist Patrick Ta for an intimate make-up masterclass with La Mer in London.

In case you haven’t heard of Patrick, he’s a make-up artist based in LA who can count the likes of Chrissy Teigen, the Kardashian sisters and Gigi Hadid among his regular clients. Patrick’s work has quite a striking aesthetic, merging flawless skin with soft beauty touches that accentuate the natural beauty of the client. Visiting London over fashion week, he hosted an interactive masterclass today to share his top beauty secrets.

La mer soft fluid foundation patrick ta

When I received the invite to Patrick’s masterclass I was expecting to sit in a row of seats with a book, watching him and taking notes. You can imagine my delight when I arrived to find that every guest had their own La Mer dressing table laid out and ready with a full skincare and make-up regime. Each time Patrick talked us through his work, we could mirror his actions and learn as we went along.

la mer patrick ta masterclass

Working across so many disciplines of make-up from red carpet to photo ready, today Patrick showed us his tips for make-up that looks beautiful in person using his model.

To start, Patrick cleansed the skin with the Micellar Water. He said that he does this regardless of whether the client is starting with or without their make-up. Next, he opted to use The Moisturising Gel Cream which is the lightest in texture of the three styles of La Mer’s classic moisturiser. “This is lightweight and it kind of leaves the skin feeling tacky. Your skin looks really plump and moisturised, and as a result skin will look like skin when you apply your foundation.”

la mer patrick ta

Next, he worked in The Concentrate which he said is a brilliant all-over skin remedy or especially great to use on areas of redness or irritation to soothe them. “When Chrissy Teigen was pregnant she was using this all over her whole belly because she didn’t want stretch marks. We were on a shoot and she had just put it on and she got quite dirty and they wanted her to take a shower, and she was like “are you kidding me? I can’t shower. Do you know how expensive this stuff is?”

la mer juice

As Patrick worked, his model Leyla asked him questions about himself and his career. He is widely known for his make-up artistry on Instagram and happily discusses how powerful this platform is for him. “Instagram has opened so many doors for all of us. If it crashed, I would crash too.” He even mentioned how he started to do make-up in LA. His flatmate at the time was studying make-up and he used to watch how she transformed herself and realised that he wanted to make every single woman feel the power of that transformation. One of his clients, Shay Mitchell, is on one of my favourite shows Pretty Little Liars, so it really cracked me up when he said that when he first got the call to do her make-up he was “freaking out” because he loved the show too!

la mer flowers

Next we moved onto The Soft Fluid Foundation, but of course applying as-is would have been too easy for such an expert. “I love this foundation and it’s lovely as it is, but I like to mix the Renewal Oil into it to make it super glowy and radiant. I like it where you can see your skin.” I have to admit, my rosacea was quite red this morning and I wasn’t convinced that this dewy concoction was going to give me the coverage I needed, but I was surprised to find that I managed to achieve a completely flawless finish by mixing oil into my foundation in a ratio one pump oil to four foundation.

La mer soft fluid foundation

To apply the foundation, Patrick used the Foundation Brush and started from the centre of the face working his way out. “You can adapt your coverage by how you apply your foundation. Use patting motions for full coverage, and swiping motions for a natural, fresh look.” What I really loved was seeing how Patrick highlighted, which was actually by using a foundation shade two shades lighter than his model. “Less is more when it comes to how many products you’re using. Once I’ve chosen the foundation, I’ll stick to the same formula and use a lighter shade along the cheekbones, chin and bridge of the nose. It shows up better on the camera because a high resolution camera can show up every little thing and make it look too heavy otherwise.”

la mer patrick ta

Moving onto the new Sheer Pressed Powder, Patrick tells us just to powder in the centre of the face. His top tip for powder is one I’ve never heard before… “Smile lines make you look like you work hard. Just before an event, powder your smile lines. Oil anywhere else is fine, but if you’re oily in those lines it ruins you.” It was such a simple tip but so true. If I look back to photos I haven’t liked, it’s the chin or the mouth that can take you from looking dewy to looking oily if there’s too much shine there. His top three things to always take with you for top-ups on a night out are your lip colour, concealer and powder.

La mer powder brush

And last but not least, he finished his look with the Bronzing Powder. “Every girl should pat instead of swipe” he says of applying bronzer with a large, fluffy powder brush. “Round face shapes should take their bronzer all the way down the face when contouring, and longer faces should keep their bronzer further towards the top of the face. Take a little through the crease of the eye to finish the look.”

I love using the La Mer foundation and I was surprised at how full and flawless a finish I managed to achieve when following Patrick’s steps. He was such a lovely, warm person, asking each of us about ourselves and our blogs and thanking us all for coming to see him.

patrick ta mixed gems

Thank you so much Patrick and La Mer for a lovely afternoon.

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