Mary Greenwell for Laura Mercier: the Byrdie Beauty Masterclass

Wednesday, October 11th 2017 0

A morning with the Laura Mercier UK make-up ambassador

Yesterday I took to the 6th floor of the Hearst Magazine building in Soho for a special event hosted by Byrdie Beauty.

Mary Greenwell, now the UK make-up ambassador for Laura Mercier, hosted a special masterclass yesterday to showcase some of their best-loved products. Mary is one of the most sought after make-up artists in the world, with a client list ranging from a-list celebrities to even the late Lady Princess Diana herself.

What I loved about this session was that the guest list was largely populated make-up artists. This in mind, Mary taught us how to enhance the experience of doing make-up for someone else.

Whether you’re a make-up artist or simply someone who likes to pamper friends and family from time to time, are some of the best tips I learned from her as she worked.

“Spend that extra time making them feel that you really care about them” 
My favourite part of watching Mary’s tutorial was how she prepared her model’s skin. She placed huge emphasis on the importance of touch, and how powerful it was to give your client a facial to start a make-up experience. She felt that this generated instant intimacy between artist and client. To prepare the skin, she used a touch of the Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil mixed into the Infusion de Rose Creme.

mary greenwell laura mercier byrdie beauty

“Focus on what they need and what they will really gain from” 
In a market hugely populated with new products, Mary taught us the importance of keeping product recommendations simple. She suggests that we should all focus on what we need and what we will use when choosing beauty products. This way, nothing ever goes to waste or lies dormant on a dressing table.

“I rarely use brushes” 
Though emphasising the importance of doing what is best for you and finding your own favourite technique, Mary told us that personally she doesn’t tend to use brushes when applying complexion products. “I like the warmth of the hands working with the foundation” she told us. She used the Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation all over the face and down the decolletage to ensure no lines were left, and colour matched the shade to the neck of her model. This foundation, she says, is ideal for a very lasting wear. It comes in 20 shades, is oil-free, water-resistent and gives a 15 hour hold.

mary greenwell laura mercier byrdie beauty

“Secret Camouflage is my favourite product in the world” 
A two-part concealer from Laura Mercier, Secret Camouflage is designed to colour correct and conceal. Depending on your skin tone, you’ll have two different shades in your palette to neutralise any discolouration in the skin. The texture of these is quite firm and thick, and Mary taught us that the best way to use this is to use a “fluff brush” and apply by “fluffing it in”.

mary greenwell laura mercier byrdie beauty

“When contouring, blend up, never down” 
Taking the beautiful cream contour palette, Mary applied contour and highlight shades using the warmth of her fingertips. In her application technique, she applied each shade with the fingertips and then gently blended everything upwards in the direction of the cheekbone.

“Trust whatever you are going to do is going to be beautiful”
Her parting sentiment was that time is crucial when applying make-up. Lengthy application, she said, is boring not only for the client but for you as the artist. “Be fun and spontaneous and light. That’s how you should treat make-up; it’s a wonderful artistic game.”

mary greenwell laura mercier byrdie beauty

The set up of this event was beautiful, with each guest having a work station in front of them to try the products as she used them. I was so taken by Mary. She was really funny and warm, made the session more of a collaborative Q&A process rather than a lecture, and afterwards went out to give every individual guest a one-on-one.

Such a special morning. Thank you so much Mary, Laura Mercier and Amy and the team at Byrdie.

me and mary greenwell

You can find Laura Mercier nationwide. If you haven’t tried anything from theirs before, you might want to start with their top selling product, the Translucent Powder. Apparently this is the number one product at Sephora, full stop. Wow. 

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