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Effortless, polished make-up from £1.50 - £8

Yesterday, I flew to Dublin for the grand reveal of one of Primark's most hyped beauty collections to date. 

It was such an exciting launch, with Primark having flown in their favourite bloggers from London, New York, Amsterdam and Berlin to name but a few cities. In addition we got to meet lots of bloggers from Dublin, especially lovely for me because my family are all Irish and I spend so much time there. We stayed in the Alex Hotel, fairly new and beautiful, and lunched at the Wilde restaurant at the Westbury.

wilde dublin

So what was the big fuss? Primark have worked to create a new NUDES make-up range, a collection of classic colours that will work for each skin tone. The idea behind this collection was to bring the latest neutral make-up trends to the market at affordable prices. Everything you’re about to see is priced between £1.50 and £8.00, with influences from all of the trends that we are loving a the moment. Whether you like contoured skin, classic smoky eyes or a polished matte lip, they have all bases covered.

Primark Beauty PS Nudes

Let’s take a look at the heroes from the range…

PS… 28 Shade Eye Shadow Palette, £8.00

Without a doubt the highlight of the collection, I just can not believe this enormous palette comes in at £8. With 28 neutral shades, this has all of the shades that you need to create anything from a day to night look. Whether you’re a make-up novice wanting to try and perfect your techniques before you invest, or simply looking for the perfect age and price appropriate palette for a younger loved one, this is brilliant.

Primark Beauty PS Nudes eyeshadow palette

primark beauty ps nudes palette

PS… Nudes Matte Eye Créme, £2.00

Small and simple, these cream eye shadow pots are easy to blend with fingers and super quick for make-up on the go. Given the nude shades, these would work well either alone to create a polished finish or under your eyeshadow as a holding base.

primark beauty ps nudes cream eye shadow

PS… Nudes Liquid Lipstick, £2.00

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere at the moment, and these are a perfect nod to one of the most timely trends. I think this is one of the things that Primark does so well, allowing us to absorb instant trends and experiment with them without breaking the bank. These liquids are remarkably sheer in texture, giving a full pigmented finish but sitting in a very thin layer on the lips.

Primark Beauty PS Nudes liquid lipstick

PS… Nudes Matte Lipstick, £2.00

And as for these nude lipsticks, again we see the same light texture and rich colour pay-off. Noting that nudes are completely different for all people of different skin tones, these lipsticks span beige, pink and deeper shades.

Primark Beauty PS Nudes matte lipstick

PS… Nudes Double Ended Brush, £4.00

With so much of this collection based on a nude make-up look, it’s inevitable that tools had to make up a part of it. This double ended wand contains one half sponge, ideal for creating a buffed and full foundation finish, and a soft brush, ideal for blending out any sharp edges and creating a softer skin finish.

primark beauty ps nudes double ended brush

PS… Nudes Body Shimmer Dust, £4.00

A sheer, luminous powder, this will be perfect for adding a glow to shoulders and limbs to set off a tan or when you want a polished look in your photos. This is a great example of the kind of thing you’ll want to experiment with and why this collection allows you to dip into trends. Do you think this kind of thing warrants an enormous price tag? Maybe not. For one big night out, if you want amazing photographs and you’ve found a killer dress that shows a little more skin than usual, would you give it a try for £4? Absolutely.

Primark Beauty PS Nudes body shimmer dust

PS… Nudes 4 Shade Highlight and Contour Palette, £4.00

We know from looking at Instagram every day that a desire to create a polished complexion is not going anywhere. If this is your ticket but you don’t want any harsh lines or heaviness, this quad is your go-to. Containing four creamy powders, two highlighter shades, one blush and one deepening powder, this gives you all that you need to create a soft and blended contour.

Primark Beauty PS Nudes highlight and contour palette

PS… Ultimate Lip Collection, £6.00

One of the trends I’m seeing everywhere at the moment is a high-shine metallic lip. I’m really not sure that this is for me, so I was really pleased to see the inclusion of metallic lips in this collection. Seeing as though it’s swept every make-up bag, I want to try it but I’m just not sure I’d spend as much for it as I would my usual lipstick. This in mind, the Ultimate Lip Collection contains a mixture of matte creams and polished glosses.

Primark Beauty PS Nudes

PS… Nudes Highlight and Contour Kit, £8.00

As for those of you who wish to create something a little more precise, the next step up is this versatile contour kit. Containing contour shades in these easy-to-blend sticks, you simply draw your areas of light and dark, illuminating the fullest parts of the face and deepening your natural hollows. The cream texture is slightly fuller in coverage and gives a more dramatic finish. This particular kit contains a small wand to both pack product on (sponge) and blend it out (brush).

Primark Beauty PS Nudes contour kit

Here’s a full list of the rest of the collection…

PS… Nudes Lip Kit, £3.00

PS… Nudes Nail Polish, £1.50

PS… Nudes Round Mirror, £1.50

PS… Nudes 4pack Nail File, £1.50

PS… Nudes 2 pack Tweezer, £2.00

PS… Nudes Blender Sponge, £2.50

PS… Nudes Eyelash Curler, £3.00

PS… Nudes Manicure Set, £3.00

PS… Nudes Brush Set, £8.00

You’ll know from reading my blog that I use lots of different make-up brands with varying price tags (hence the name Mixed Gems). What’s great about this Primark collection is that whatever your budget, you can have and experience all of the most current trends. I also think that the matte, nude packaging makes everything feel much more luxury than anything I’ve seen from Primark beauty before. If you wanted to treat someone special, you could gift them an entire make-up collection for around £30.

primark beauty ps nudes

What I would really recommend to get the most out of this collection is to start with a foundation that you feel amazing in. Foundation is one of the parts of your make-up that needs to be perfect for you, and with that the rest will fall into place. Find your best base, and from there, these accents of colour will look ten times more expensive. I’ve got a huge guide to foundations that you can read here, featuring reviews of everything from full coverage bases to something soft and dewy.

primark beauty ps nudes

Thank you Primark for a lovely stay in Dublin! The whole team were so friendly and welcoming, it has made me think of the brand in such a special way.

primark beauty ps nudes

The Primark Beauty NUDES collection launches across their worldwide stores from mid February.

This post was sponsored by Primark. 

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