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Friday, April 27th 2018 2

A series of limited edition make-up treasures

A few weeks ago, I left a full time job with people that I loved because I wanted to trust my gut instinct and write my blog full time to grow it to where I felt it could be. In those first few weeks, I had to adjust to a whole new routine.

So you can imagine how I felt when a multi-coloured safe, embossed with my name, arrived at my front door on a Friday afternoon from Charlotte Tilbury. I had to crack the code to unveil her new launches. This is an average Friday for me now, I thought to myself. Try explaining that to your very traditional dad who has spent the last eight years asking you what a ‘blog’ really is and can’t understand why we’re now breaking into a safe…

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters 2018 safe

Charlotte’s Beauty Filters collection reminds me of when I first discovered her brand and story. I really think these launches have thrown me back to the magic of when she first began, with colour coded palettes that teach you how to make your eyes pop or look smoky or highlighted. A really beautiful collection, here’s what she has in store for us this summer…

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters 2018 safe

Bigger Brighter Eyes eye shadow palettes, £39.50 each, both limited edition

Transform-Eyes is a rosy brown quad, think of the nude lipstick shades that have been so popular in recent years and that’s the kind of thing to keep in mind. It suits every eye colour and makes for a beautifully polished eye look.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters 2018 exaggereyes exagger-eyes eye shadow palette

Years ago, Charlotte released a limited palette in time for Christmas called the Fallen Angel palette. It is my favourite palette of hers EVER, and I was always so grateful that I had the good sense to buy a spare. I’ve used it for every bridal party I’ve touched ever since. I have a feeling we’re all going to be saying the same about the Transform-Eyes palette.

Exagger-Eyes is warmer and works especially well on warmer skin tones to make each eye colour pop. Why this really stands out to me is that she’s gone slightly more adventurous in the colour palette here, where her other palettes create more of one defined look, this is very versatile and each shade could be used as a transition shade with another palette to really make it pop.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters 2018 transformers eye shadow palette transform-eyes

For those wondering how this compares to the iconic Dolce Vita palette… Dolce Vita is more of a burnt copper golden quad, adding a sexy, smokiness to eyes, whereas this is much more earthy and bright in nature, adding a real pop of colour to the eyes.

Pretty Youth Glow Filter and Cheek Hug Brush, £30 for a single blush or £45 for blush and brush. Note: brush not sold separately

Do you remember when Charlotte created those Filmstar on the Go palettes, they were long and thin with two small cream blush/lips in them? They were lovely, but I found them slightly smaller and harder to navigate, and the lighter shades in each were quite rich in pigment. Moving onto these Pretty Youth Glow Filter palettes, a new and improved variety, super user friendly that you simply can’t go wrong with.

Pictured: Pretty Fresh

Creams are especially fantastic for slightly more dry or mature skin, helping to plump out and illuminate the appearance of fine lines without sitting into them. One of my favourite tips is to put a little touch of this cream onto your lips so that your blush and lipstick are a perfect match.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters 2018 pretty fresh youth glow filter

Pictured: Seduce Blush

To apply this, Charlotte has created this beautiful limited brush, only available with a blush and not alone. It is a lovely shape and does what it promises by hugging the cheek and allowing for precise blush application, however I personally find that with these particular palettes they work so beautifully when applied with the hands. The warmth from your fingertips helps them to melt into the skin and give a really seamless, glowing skin finish.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters 2018 cheek brush

For me, this is one of the best formulas Charlotte has ever released. I only wish they weren’t limited edition.

Legendary Lashes Volume 2, £25

One of the most exciting launches, a recreation of Charlotte’s Legendary Lashes mascara, 2.0 formula. The original LL contained lots of nourishing oils to care for the lashes, but this meant that some people found that it transferred slightly because the formula was so rich. 2.0 contains all of the same nourishing properties but with a promise of a longer lasting, budge proof wear.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters 2018 legendary lashes 2.0

I’ve been using mine this week and have to say I can see a huge difference in how this lasts the day compared to the original. Where this promises instant volume and length, what I would say is the real strength lies in the jet black glossiness of this formula. You know when you’ve worn your mascara all day and it can go a little dull or flakey? This stays super dark all day, keeping that freshly applied look.

Collagen Lip Bath, £25

Collagen Lip Bath is just a delicious treat to hydrate the lips. Lip balm is one of my must-have products, I always have it on me and use liberally through the day. This one comes complete with a heart shaped applicator (so cute) and a delicious minty smell. The formula applies with a glossy, tacky finish, so I would advise to steer clear if you’re wearing your hair down, but absolutely go for it on top of your favourite lipstick or liner to add gloss, shine and hydration.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters 2018 collagen lip bath

LOVING this return to the old glamour of Charlotte Tilbury. Let’s hope this is a sign of what we have to come for Christmas this year!

Charlotte’s Beauty Filters collection is available from, her own stores, and many retail partners across the UK.

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Jane says:

Amazing 😍😍😍

Dani Jones says:

Gorgeous! If you ever need to offload any of your ever growing make up collection you know where to find me! Also congrats on full time blogging xx