What’s the Best Cleanser for My Skin Type?

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Creams, oils, gels and even wipes

My favourite part of my day is washing my face, the most relaxing ritual in my routine.

I can come in from a night out at 3am, or home from the longest shift of all time, and I will always use cleanser, a warm flannel and water to properly cleanse and wash my face. For me this is the most comforting of all beauty rituals, leaving me relaxed and ready for bed in an instant.

Here are a few of the cleansers I’ve been using for the past few weeks and months. I switch them up depending on what my skin needs or how much time I have.

CREAMS – great for the morning or as a second cleanse in the evening 

Revive Cleansing Cream, £50 for 180ml

A comforting, cleansing cream, this is a calming, smoothing option for first thing in the morning or even by night if you don’t wear an awful lot of make-up. If you wear a longwear foundation, forget it. You’ll want some kind of oil to break everything down before you use this. But if you want something in your routine to cleanse the day away, calm the skin, and leave everything feeling plump, rosy and hydrated, this is your jar. Revive was founded by a plastic surgeon, so the ethos behind their brand is to create skincare solutions that combine bioengineered ingredients and everyday skincare rituals to deliver heightened results. The price tags are higher, but so is the knowledge that goes into creating the formula.

Revive cleansing cream

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser, £22.40 for 120ml

If these creams are sounding like your cup of tea but the price tag isn’t so appealing, the latest Peter Thomas Roth arrival may be for you. This cream cleanser is packed with Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient designed to hold up to 1000x it’s own weight in water and thus retain moisture in the skin. A gentle, soothing way to remove make-up and leave the skin soft and comforted. This is completely fragrance free and infused with comforting natural ingredients like coconut oil and marshmallow root to cleanse and purify the skin.

peter thomas roth cloud cleansing cream

Sisley Cleansing Milk with Sage, £73.50 for 250ml

The thing with cleansing creams is that because they’re so gentle in nature, you can be forgiven for thinking that they aren’t really doing an awful lot. Quite the contrary, the Sisley Cleansing Cream is my favourite of the lot, removing make-up and impurities and at the same time improving the tone and softness of the skin. At £73.50 a jar, this really is a huge investment, but one that you will see results with. Save this for something like the build up to your wedding or another special occasion and you’ll benefit from the enhanced results.

sisley cleansing milk with sage clinique micellar gel

PROBLEM SOLVERS – great for treating a skin condition 

Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser, £59 for 125ml

With permanent redness and rosacea to contend with, I am always on the lookout for solutions to red skin. Amazingly, despite leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean and with no balmy residue, this is one of the best redness remedies I’ve tried. Tata’s Clarifying Cleanser comes out like green sludge, and when applied turns to a jade-green foam. When left on the skin, it tingles and cools simultaneously. This is the willow bark getting to work, which is clinically proven to reduce redness in 5 minutes. Amazingly, it works.  If redness is your gripe, this is worth the price tag.

tata harper clarifying cleanser

Decleor Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Cleansing Mousse, £28 for 100ml

Last week, I spent some quality time with the team at Decleor and got to spend lots of time with Fiona, their director of education. As we sat enjoying a few glasses of wine, I took out my phone and showed her a few friends with questions to see what she might recommend for their skin, turning what was a lovely candlelit dinner into a full scale consultation. (Sorry Fiona.) For someone with problem skin, she recommended, this Decleor cleanser is an ideal treatment. Use twice a day and with nothing else, and you will soon notice a huge reduction in the appearance of acne. I have a friend trying this for me and we’ve taken before and after photos so I’ll share more on this once we’ve followed the process.

decleor cleansing mousse

IT Cosmetics Confidence in A Cleanser, £24 for 148ml

A one-size-fits-all for any skin concerns, Confidence in a Cleanser is a great option for combination skin or skin that is prone to break outs. This cleansing serum from IT Cosmetics gently melts away all make-up and dirt, turning to a soft foam when mixed with water. IT Cosmetics develop all of their formulas with plastic surgeons, adding problem-solving solutions to every formula from their skincare to make-up. This merges collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to plump and nourish the skin as it cleanses.

confidence in a cleanser

MAKE-UP REMOVERS – best for taking your face off quickly and gently 

Glossier Cleansing Jelly, £15 for 177ml

Glossier’s Cleansing Jelly is just what it says on the tin – a rich, gel texture that melts away all make-up and cleanses the skin. I love using balms and oils to remove make-up because they do the job in an instant. Why this jelly is perfect is that it melts everything away quickly but retains a tacky texture, meaning you can give your skin a thorough massage with it and it won’t spill or dribble down your neck. Scent free, fuss free, it’s easy and effective.

Glossier London Milky Jelly Cleanser

Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, £33 for 200ml

I rarely trust make-up brands that venture into skinare. I like my skincare to come from a skin authority. But Bobbi Brown’s skincare collection is truly unparalleled. Her cleansing oil is one of my favourite skincare pieces, melting every last bit of make-up away, even on the eyes, in record time. If you’re a busy mom, or you’re travelling and want to take just one thing with you, make it this. This is a completely runny oil so slightly messier to get to work with, but if you want your make-up gone in mere seconds, this is your cleanser.

bobbi brown soothing cleansing oil

Clinique 2-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Gel and Light Make-up Remover, £17 for 150ml

So many women I speak to are just in love with their micellar waters and very happy to cleanse with them. (In case you haven’t tried them, micellar waters feel like you are taking your make-up off with pure water. Fragrance free, fuss free, and often used backstage at fashion shows because they are gentle and quick.) Personally, I like the thought of using water and a cloth on my skin, giving my face the same grace that we give our bodies every day in the shower and making sure I have really cleansed thoroughly. But, if micellar water is enough for you, you might like to venture into this Clinique gel. For days when you’ve ran out of cotton wool, or generally if you prefer a richer texture, this gel does exactly the same job as your micellar water but without the need for cotton wool. The gel melts into the skin, breaks down your make-up, and can simply be splashed or wiped away.

sisley cleansing milk with sage clinique micellar gel

Origins Cleansing Make-up Removing Jelly with Willowherb, £19.50 for 100ml

Origins is one of my favourite skincare brands because I find them reliable and am yet to try anything of theirs that disappointed me. Their latest cleanser in the Original Skin line is a very simple, effective cleanser that does what it says on the tin. Offering all of the ease of the make-up removers listed, this has an almost matte-like gel texture so it doesn’t leave any residue at all. If you want an easy make-up remover with no balmy finish, this will be your favourite.

origins original skin cleansing jelly

WIPES – for those quick and easy moments 

For the record: I really would advise always using a cleanser to take your make-up off. It’s just as quick as using a wipe. But, if you really must, these are my all time favourites and I always have them in my make-up kit…

MAC Cosmetics Bulk Wipes, £21 for a pack of 100 wipes

So rich and moist, what I love about the MAC Cosmetics wipes is that they melt absolutely everything away without pulling or tugging on the skin. Every wipe in the pack is saturated with make-up remover, and they leave a rich, balmy residue.

Want to know more, or ask me about another cleanser? Send me a message on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty and I’ll help you to find your perfect match.

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