Gallinee: Bringing Bacteria Into My Skincare Routine

Wednesday, June 13th 2018 0

A brand with a mission to take care of your skin and its bacterial ecosystem

Earlier this summer, I met Tata Harper who wholeheartedly explained the science behind her totally organic skincare brand. (I wrote a big post about it which you can find in the Skincare section of this blog.)

I learned so much from her and she has inspired me to do more research about the skincare I use, rather than just trying anything and everything for the sake of writing my blog.

Shortly after I met her, I decided that I wanted to learn more about different approaches to skincare, which led me to Marie Drago’s brand, Gallinee. The Gallinee mission is to ensure that they eradicate any harmful bacteria on our skin and culminate more of the good bacteria, helping to achieve a healthy balance.

Gallinee Skincare review

Marie began her journey by changing her diet to suit her gluten intolerance. She found that by adapting a prebiotic and probiotic diet her symptoms vastly improved, and thus she began to wonder about the impact of bacteria on our skin. Through her research, she found that most antibacterial products kill 90% of bacteria, up to 50% of which is actually great for our skin. Her brand, Gallinee, aims to take care of the skin and its bacterial ecosystem, the microbiome. In turn, this helps to restore the skin’s barrier, and will help to alleviate the effects of skin conditions such as sensitivity and eczema.

Gallinee formulate their products with a mixture of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to support the microbiome. They also take care to avoid parabens, SLS, mineral oils and silicones, and one of my favourite things about them is that they don’t package their products in unnecessary boxes. I think the beauty industry as a whole is guilty of over-packaging, and this is such a great example for them to set.

I am naturally sensitive and I get a patch of eczema on my eye that flares up quite regularly, so I’ve loved using this brand. I’ve been using it as part of my routine for a couple of months now and find it to be just as gentle as it claims but still great at keeping my skin in check. Here are a few of the things I really like…

Foaming Facial Cleanser, £13.90 for 120ml

A rich, creamy foam, this is very nourishing and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry at all. A lovely cleanse to remove make-up or just to freshen up.

Gallinee Skincare review foaming cleanser

Hydrating Face Cream, £34.90 for 30ml

This has quite a price tag for the small size of the tube, however a tiny dollop of this moisturiser will go a long way and hydrate the whole face and neck. The runny consistency melts instantly into the skin with little massage needed, and it smells like brown sugar.

Gallinee Skincare review hydrating face cream

Face Mask and Scrub, £17.90 for 100ml

Though I don’t like to use scrubs as I find they can irritate my redness, using this gently as a mask and taking care when rinsing is a great radiance remedy. I use this intermittently as and when I need, and try to use it after I’ve been in the city all day as I know it will help to break down pollution damage.

Gallinee Skincare review face scrub

Body Milk, £27.90 for 200ml

Much like the Hydrating Face Cream, this milk is very runny and rich, melting instantly into arms and legs. There isn’t a particularly strong scent from this so I find it works well as an everyday lotion or under fake tan. Sometimes, because fake tan smells quite strongly anyway, I find the smell too overpowering if I’ve used a scented body cream under it. This is an ideal partner for any tan.

Gallinee Skincare review body milk

I’ve found Gallinee at a few locations across the UK and Ireland, Harvey Nichols seems to be a main stockist. Well worth a try if you suffer with sensitivity or any other skin issues, or simply want to explore a more mindful approach to beauty.

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