James Read Tan: The Complete Guide

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Which tan is best for you?

For many years, I've used James Read Tan. I'm naturally super fair - think Casper the Friendly Ghost - verging on glow-in-the-dark white. I love using his tans because they're really easy to use and give me a warm, golden glow that doesn't look artificial at all. 

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What James has always done so well with his tanning line is been an innovator. Let’s face it, there are so many tanning brands on the market. You can go to Boots and pick from lots of different brands. But why James stands out to me is that his formulas and textures are really different, giving him the edge over everyone else.

James Read Tan

I also feel quite compelled to say that as a person, I really love and warm to James! He is super friendly, funny, always up for a drink and a good time, and this is another reason why I just love supporting him and his brand.

James Read Tan

Seeing as he’s always innovating, there are now LOTS of different tans in his range. So which one is going to be for you? Here’s a guide to a few of my favourites.

My all time favourite 

Coconut Dry Oil Tan Body, £25

Ok this is the newest formula so maybe I’m getting carried away, but I honestly think this is my favourite formula James has EVER made. Does what it says on the tin, this is coconut oil that smells delicious, melts into the skin, is super hydrating, and leaves you with a full, glowing tan by morning. Use his yellow mitt to apply this, it’s a bit more velvety and will soak up the oil, meaning no spills. The colour it gives is rich and lovely. One thing I will say is that I get through this a bit more quickly than his other tans, so if you want something that lasts a little bit longer, maybe try the mousse.

James Read Tan review coconut oil

Best for a night out 

1 Hour Tan Bronzing Mousse Face and Body, £30

Even if I’m not time conscious, for me this mousse gives the deepest colour of all of James’ tans. What it means is that if you get a last minute invite out, you’re ready to go in mere moments. In 1 hour you’ll achieve a fair colour, but to really see the benefit of this I’d leave it on for a good 3 hours. The mousse is silky, easy to apply and dries quickly.

James Read Tan review bronzing mousse

Most practical 

Sleep Mask Tan, £35 for the Body and £25 for the Face

My preferred way to tan is to do it before bed and allow it to develop overnight. Cue: Sleep Mask Tan. This formula goes on completely clear and doesn’t stain your sheets. Amazing. The texture is a light gel, absorbing quickly. This imparts just a gradual tan, so although you’ll see a difference by morning, if you’ve done it sleepily and missed a spot, it won’t be the end of the world.

James Read Tan review sleep mask tan

So quick and easy it should be illegal 

Coconut Water Tan Mist Body, £25

We’ve all been there. You’re exhausted, you’re desperate to pile into bed, but you’ve got something on tomorrow and you know you really will feel better if you tan but you just can’t face it. Bring in the Tan Mist. This is so ridiculously easy, I thought it was a catch when I first tried it. A gentle mist, you literally spray it on, no rubbing in, no mitts, no faff, and it’s done. Simple. The colour is only gradual, so in fairness you’ll want to build this up over a couple of days, but if you just want something really soft and subtle to take the edge off, this is perfect. It’s also a great one for topping up your tan in between full tanning days.

James Read Tan review mist

The softest option for your face 

H20 Tan Drops, £30

Tans in general are slightly more drying for your skin, which is why James has created a special formula for your face. His H20 drops are infused with Hyaluronic Acid (designed to hold up to 1000x it’s own weight in water and retain moisture) and Aloe Vera, making them one of my favourite tanning options for your face. You simply mix between 1-4 drops of this with your usual skincare routine and apply before bed, imparting a glow by morning.

James Read Tan review face mask tan drops

You really can’t go wrong with anything of James’, but these 5 picks are a great place to start.

He’s given me a code for you to use for 25% off everything on his website until 23rd June 2018. How wicked is that?! Use “ROSEGALLAGHER25” at the checkout to redeem.

Would love to hear some of you top tanning tips as I am always looking for ways to keep my tan quick and easy! Tag me @MixedGemsBeauty on Instagram to share.


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