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Technology to sheet-mask takeover

Face masks are undoubtedly having a moment within the skincare industry, and this in mind I was so excited to meet Nannette de Gaspe a few weeks ago.

Nannette is the lady behind a revolutionary sheet mask brand, boasting a completely dry formula that consists mostly of active ingredients and delivers quick, noticeable results. We met to discuss how she founded the brand and the inspiration behind the little sister line, Miss de Gaspe…

nannette de gaspe miss de gaspe

Nannette and her husband often invest in new businesses, especially championing those from her native Quebec. A scientist with an innovative sheet mask technology approached her, and being excited to champion both a female entrepreneur and someone from Quebec, she accepted. Her friends, the Westons (owners of several department stores across the world including Holt Renfrew, Die Bijenkorf and Selfridges), encouraged her to show the masks to Selfridges.

At this point in their business journey, Nannette was keen to approach beauty brands with this technology and see if they wanted to collaborate to use it within their own products. However, Sebastian Manes, Director of Buying and Merchandising at Selfridges, encouraged her to create her own brand (as Selfridges don’t have an own-brand beauty line) and he would launch it for her. With just 6 months to work with, Nannette began building her brand.

In summer of 2016, Nannette de Gaspe launched into Selfridges with a series of luxury sheet masks at a luxury price. These masks are 100% dry to the touch, and seeing as there are no fillers in the formula to create any desired texture, the result is a skincare treatment comprising of 90% active ingredients. Wet masks tend to offer more like 10-15% active ingredients by comparison, so these dry masks are remarkably more potent. In addition to being a very practical approach to masking (a no-mess texture makes this an excellent multi-tasker for busy moms or women on the go), the BMV molecule in the formula allows the ingredients to penetrate the epidermis more deeply. In short, you get the result of an intensely nourishing serum from a dry sheet formula.

nannette de gaspe miss de gaspe

You’ll be able to reuse these between 3-5 times depending on your skin, and how much it responds to the mask. For example, if you’re especially dry one day, you may find your skin absorbs slightly more nutrients than on an average day. Personally, I find 5 uses more than achievable from each mask.

Following the success of Nannette de Gaspe, a sister brand, Miss de Gaspe, was born. Taking the same technology but on a slightly less potent level, Miss de Gaspe offers a less expensive approach to sheet masks for a slightly younger consumer. While this will deliver on feats such as brightening, hydrating and cleansing, someone with more age-speficic requirements may wish to venture to the original brand instead. These will offer around 3 uses per mask.

Here’s a look at some of her best loved sheet masks…

FACE: Restorative Techstile Face Masque, £85

FACE offers an all-round skin boost, brighten and hydration. You simply apply to the face, hooking onto the ears in a way that gently lifts the skin, and massage softly to activate the ingredients. Post-use, my skin feels softer above any other result, and I love how easy this is to work into a busy routine. I’m away all week and had to pack my suitcase earlier on. I put my mask on and got to work, no mess or fuss.

nannette de gaspe FACE sheet mask

nannette de gaspe FACE sheet mask

HANDS: Restorative Techstile Hand Mask, £60

Though designed to plump and soften the skin on the hands, restoring a more youthful appearance, these masks are especially soothing for anyone that uses their hands. If you’re a doctor or nurse who has to sanitise their hands all the time, maybe a hairdresser forever washing hair, or someone else that runs their hands through the mill each day, these are an expensive but potent solution.

nannette de gaspe HAND mask

nannette de gaspe HAND mask

Miss de Gaspe Defy & Drench, £30

The hero of the collection for me, if you want to dip a toe into the world of a dry sheet mask, start with this. Defy and Drench will really demonstrate the ability of a dry sheet mask to deliver all manner of results, including instant hydration. As someone who is perpetually dry, this is a great on-the-go hydrator when a richer hydration option isn’t practical. What’s more, at £30 for 3 uses, these are actually no more expensive than your average single-use sheet mask but offer a far superior result. Stuffy air-conditioned trains are my everyday routine, so it’s nice to know something like this can slip handily into my routine (I say handily, but I suppose wearing a baby pink cloth on your face doesn’t quite come without the odd stare…)

miss de gaspe defy and drench

Miss de Gaspe Brighten & Beam, £30

In English, this is your hangover cure. If you’ve had a great night out and woken up feeling ropey, or simply haven’t managed to get quite enough sleep, this will be your go-to. Brighten and beam works to revitalise dull skin, using ingredients like Omega 3 and Kakadu Plum to stimulate and restore tired skin.

miss de gaspe brighten and beam

Miss de Gaspe Purify & Purge, £30

I am becoming more and more mindful about pollution and stepping up my routine when I’ve been in the city for the day, so this mask is my little London saviour. Designed to purify and protect against pollutants, I like to use this every once in a while if I have been in the city during the week.

miss de gaspe purify and purge

With her sheet masks receiving warm reviews and interest, people were asking how they fit into a full routine. Nannette was advising to cleanse prior to use and moisturise post-use, but had neither of these things in her own range. As a result, this summer, she has launched the Art of Noir collection, a full range of skincare with key ingredients derived from black things: think tea, pearl and blackberries to name a few. I’m trying a few pieces from this line at the moment and will come back soon with more thoughts on these.

miss de gaspe nannette de gaspe

I really enjoy meeting founders of brands, because I think it takes quite a strong character to go out and create something of your own. Nannette was a joy to meet. She was so passionate about her products, and wanted to share every last detail as well as telling us about her lifestyle and how running the brand fit into her world. By the time I left her I was bursting to get home and put a mask on, just so that I could get to experience everything she’d just told me about.

Nannette de Gaspe is available online or at Selfridges. If you try anything from the range, tag me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty and show me!

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Marie says:

Thanks ever so much for this in-depth review as I’ve been fascinated by this brand for a while now. I’m that more intrigued to learn that skincare has since been added. I should say thank you also for the review on The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi Glasser, as that’s how I found your blog:)

rosaleengallagher says:

Hi Marie, so pleased you found me and thank you so much for your comment! Azzi and Nannette… two beauty greats!! XXX