London: 5 Beauty Treatments You’ll Love

Monday, August 6th 2018 0

Including the best blow dry and cutest nail art

I've recently moved to London and am on a journey of discovering my favourite beauty hot-spots. Here are five little places I've come to know and love...

Townhouse Luxury Nail Salon, just off Regent Street

Oh my gosh, my friend Amy from Byrdie Beauty took me to Townhouse last week and I had the best manicure I can remember. This cute little boutique has not long opened and they specialise in nail art. When you go in, you’re given a menu of lots of different colours, then different shapes of nails, styles of nail art, colour combination suggestions… they just make it so tailored, and yet so easy.

Townhouse Manicure

On top of a super steady hand with my nail art pattern, my manicurist completely tidied my cuticles and let me take the tools home as they use fresh, sterile tools for each client. And to top it all off, they have a little Nailfie booth so you can share the love for your new mani.

Townhouse Manicure

The Peel Boutique, locations across London

If your skin generally needs a little overhaul from too much summer partying, the Peel Boutique is great hot spot for you. These lactic-acid treatments are designed to be quick, effective and non-invasive, slotting into the lives of busy women who need to pack everything into a lunch break.

The Peel Boutique

Despite the ease of having my peel, the results were instant and I could see and feel a difference for many weeks afterwards. Another point to note is that despite having a naturally rosy complexion, my peel helped to calm my redness and I felt confident and happy to carry on my day with no make-up on post-peel.

Maxine Heale at Hershesons, Berner’s Street

Since I found Maxine at Hershesons, I’ve found something very bizarre happening… people are complimenting me on my hair! My hair is really not my strong point. I’m not super talented at styling it myself, and after years of battling frizz and puffiness, I’ve got a conflicted relationship with it. But over time, Maxine has allowed me to retain a creamy, soft blonde that doesn’t damage my hair because she packs so much nourishment into every colour.

blonde before and after smart bonds

Whether she’s doing my full overhaul, whether Jordan is giving me a cut that will last me months, or whether any of their blow dry bars is doing me my favourite Half-n-Half style blow dry from their menu, I have never had anything but gorgeous, effortless hair that I can maintain myself from Hershesons. Now, I actually enjoy doing my own hair and know how to manage it because she teaches me tips and tricks with every visit. (That, and she is the best friend and secret keeper ever!)

maxine heale hershesons

Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure, locations across London

I wrote about this last week and you can see the full post here, but the Medical Pedicure is one of the best treatments I’ve ever had: period. Performed by trained podiatrists, a scalpel is used to remove every last inch of dead or dry skin from your feet. Not only do my feet feel baby soft post-treatment, but I feel so much more comfortable and able to walk in this heat because my feet are like new. Even if you’re ticklish, like I am, the way that this is executed is a relaxing and calm experience with truly immaculate results. Old or young, male or female, if you are on your feet a lot, this is a total game changer. I appreciate that it is incredibly expensive, so if you can’t stretch to this, check out her product line. She actually has an amazing QVC Today’s Special Value today which you can find here.

Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure

IT Cosmetics Treatment Menu, Selfridges Oxford Street

As you know, I’m the UK Brand Ambassador for IT Cosmetics so I love sharing the love for their range. But day to day, in between events and working commitments, I love calling into the team at Selfridges on Oxford Street because their artistry is superb. If you’ve never tried the brand before, pay them a visit and have them show you the heroes. They’re friendly, super knowledgable and always happy to help. The amount of times I’ve called into them in between plans for a quick lick of red lipstick and some powder here and there and they are always so welcoming.

It Cosmetics Selfridges

What’s your favourite beauty treatment in London? I’ve just moved here and I want to try them all. Tag me into your favourite salons and spots on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty.

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