Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure Review

Friday, August 3rd 2018 3

And a QVC tip off for this coming Monday

Feet, for me, are a part of my beauty routine that hugely affect my overall wellbeing.

A long day in heels can hinder a good night’s sleep, and equally a firm massage to the balls of the feet can send me into a deep and restorative slumber.

This in mind, I was very keen to try the Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure this week.

I’m sure we’ve all had a pedicure of some description at some point. Dead skin is gently buffed away, nails are polished, you feel holiday ready in an instant. But the Margaret Dabbs technique is entirely different, practised only by qualified podiatrists and including a complete foot overhaul.

Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure

I’ll spare you before and after photos, but after 45 minutes of buffing, a scalpel to scrape every morsel of dead skin, and nails being buffed and thoroughly cleansed inside and out, I felt like I had a new pair of feet.

Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure

Not only do my feet look and feel younger, with literally zero dead skin, the pressure on my feet has completely changed now that the hard skin isn’t causing me trouble. Yesterday, I worked a day-long event in mid heels, and by the end of the evening I wasn’t gasping for my flip flops like i usually am. Genuinely, this is the best beauty treatment I’ve ever had. Period.

Starting at £85, the Medical Pedicure is not cheap. So what do you do to keep up the results? This is where her foot range comes into play. By following Margaret’s 3 step foot routine, feet are maintained in the best possible way between pedicures.

Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure

Here’s a look at an AMAZING Today’s Special Value set she will be launching on QVC this week, with over £120 worth of product coming in at just £40. This is ideal for men and women, all ages, just keeping on top of your feet for a happy and comfortable result.

Foot Soak 

Used in a bowl of warm water either daily, weekly or as and when you need, the Foot Soak is designed to ease throbbing, aching and swelling in tired feet and lower legs. If you work on your feet, this will hugely help to ease the impact of a hard day at work. This enormous 600ml bottle won’t run out in a hurry, either.

Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure foot soak

Foot Hygiene Cream 

As with all of the Margaret Dabbs range, the Foot Hygiene Cream is infused with emu oil. This is her key ingredient because it is intensely nourishing but it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue. Clark, my podiatrist, told me that although our bodies need fatty acids to function to their best ability, we don’t actually produce them ourselves. Something like emu oil ensures that your skin is nourished with all of the best ingredients to keep it hydrated. This will, in turn, delay the return of the dreaded dry skin you’ve spent so much money to shed away.

Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure foot hygiene cream

Professional Foot File 

I always used to think that tending to feet straight from the bath or shower was my best option, but Clark assured me that dry skin is the easiest to work with. The Professional Foot File is so long and thick, it manages to take large sections of the foot in one go which is brilliant if you’re like me and uncomfortably ticklish. What’s great about this set is that it comes with two extra pads for the foot file, so once yours starts to feel a bit worn down, you can replenish with a fresh face.

If keeping on top of your feet has been hard work this summer, this set is totally for you. And, if you can stretch to it, I simply can’t recommend the Medical Pedicure enough.

I’ll link to the TSV in my Instagram story on Monday – you can find me at @MixedGemsBeauty.

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I absolutely love the medical pedicure. It’s amazing. The way your feet feel (and look) afterwards – it’s like walking on air. It’s pricey but I think it’s worth every penny

rosaleengallagher says:

I can’t tell you the difference I’ve felt this week. Like having a new pair of feet! XXX

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