The new Debenhams beauty arrivals you need on your radar

Tuesday, September 25th 2018 0

Ciate, True Grace and more

Debenhams have majorly upped their beauty game this autumn, even introducing a new Beauty Club Community which is a forum where their customers can discuss all things beauty.

As part of their beauty masterplan, they are adding a whole host of new and diverse brands to their roster this year. Here’s a look at some of the new arrivals you can expect to find…

bean body body balm

Ciate London 

Ciate are fantastic at creating fun, colourful make-up lines that really deliver. Whether it’s this rainbow highlighter or my favourite Dewy Spritz spray which sets your make-up and adds glow, they are the go-to for party make-up.

ciate london debenhams

True Grace 

True Grace are a luxury candle brand, and as someone who loves burning candles, I’m always amazed at the strength of their scent and the lasting power for the price point. My current candle of choice is Black Lily, which is really rich, sweet and dark. If you like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid or Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone London, you’ll really enjoy this dark and mysterious scent.

true grace debenhams


AromaWorks have a line of soy wax candles, all comprised of pure essential oils and completely vegan friendly. Such a lovely home warming gift for anyone embracing a green way of life, and proven to have a longer burning time than candles comprised of bees wax.

aromaworks debenhams

Oh K! 

Oh K! is the cutest Korean skincare brand. Though lots of the products look kitsch and cute, there is nothing novelty about the power of these products.

Makeup Eraser

This is such a great product and something I’ve used myself for years. It’s a little like a micro-fiber cloth for the face. The Makeup Eraser will remove every scrap of make-up with just water, making it an ideal make-up remover for anyone with sensitive skin or who struggles to find the best cleansing product. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true!

makeup eraser debenhams

Coco and Eve 

In a quest to capture the cutest products on Instagram, Debenhams are opening their doors to cult brands like Coco and Eve. This fig and coconut hair treatment is known for rave reviews online. It’s the product from their new line up that I am most excited to get stuck into!

coco and eve debenhams

What else would you like to see in the Debenhams beauty hall this autumn? Leave them a comment on the Beauty Club Community and share your thoughts.

Debenhams Beauty Club Community

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