An Autumn Guide to the Very Best Candles

Monday, October 1st 2018 0

Staying cosy with the most divine of fragrances

To mark the first of October, and the beginning of a crisp autumn season, I wanted to share some of my favourite candles.

Coming in from a cold day and lighting a candle in the room is one of my cosiest autumn pleasures, but the fragrance of choice is key to what kind of atmosphere this creates.

Here are a few that I turn to for many different reasons…

The ultimate scent for a cosy night in: Jo Loves Red Truffle 21, £55

Red Truffle 21 is, for me, one of the ultimate cosiest scents. The rich, creamy warmth of the truffle in this candle reminds me of the warmth of a body when you nestle into a jumper for a big hug. When I think of a cosy atmosphere, I think of warmth, hugs and company, and this candle captures all of those things. There’s a hint of fig in this which keeps it earthy and almost a little masculine in personality.

Jo Loves Red Truffle 21 Candle

Sweet and light for a girlie night in: Floral Street Lipstick, £28 

Floral Street Lipstick smells like what it says on the tin: lipstick. This sweet, powdery smell is feminine and pretty, much like a vintage lipstick. Quite strong in power, you’ll want to wait until you’ve finished eating before you light this because you can almost taste it in the air. I love this vintage make-up smell and to have it in candle form is such a lovely, nostalgic treat. The team at Floral Street call this “that feeling you get when you wear bold lipstick; a motif of modern sisterhood.”

Floral Street Lipstick Candle

Soft and ambient for a lazy Sunday: Anya Hindmarch Coffee, £50 

A little bohemian treasure, Anya Hindmarch Coffee is not as potent as the name would suggest, and as such makes for a lovely background accompaniment. A woody, inoffensive fragrance, this blends warming notes of amber, frankincense and vetiver to name a few and just adds a gentle warmth to the room. Coffee isn’t quite what I pick up from this; it brings more of an atmosphere than a fragrance. What I love about this is that I can burn it from morning to night and it won’t disrupt or overpower food or drinks.

Anya Hindmarch Coffee Candle

Having friends over for wine: True Grace Black Lily, £35

Black Lily, on the other hand, will absolutely disrupt your food, hence the suggestion of keeping it for a cosy evening in with wine. A very, very powerful scent, this reminds me a lot of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid in a candle form. A powerful, dark, heady fragrance, this creates such a sensual evening atmosphere. Team it with a bottle of red wine and you’ll make even the simplest of living spaces feel decadent and grand. You might only leave it on for an hour to find that the smell will linger through the night.

True Grace Black Lily Candle

Clean and cosy, for first thing in the morning to last thing at night: Atelier Cologne Cedrat Venice, £55

Inspired by the freshness of Venice Beach in Los Angeles, this is light, breezy and clean. A lovely green fragrance for days when you’ve cleaned and tidied from top to bottom, this is like a detox for your living room and brilliant to burn on those days when you’re working your way through an enormous list of e-mails or checking tasks off the check list.

Atelier Cologne Cedrat Venice Candle

A total wild card and the gift to buy the person who has everything: Lumira Tunisian Mint Tea, £49

The most unusual candle I’ve tried in some time, my living room is often swept up with the scent of this Tunisian Mint Tea. Though the spearmint is clean and delicate, there is a hint of Chinese ginger in here which adds warmth and makes you feel ready for the turn of autumn. There’s sage in here too and I am always open to burning a little of that… 🖤

Lumira Tunisian Mint Tea Candle

A mantelpiece burn for when you’re binge watching Netflix: Jo Malone London Basil and Neroli, £47

And finally, the candle to to turn to when you’re not moving from your pyjamas and you’re spending the on the couch: Jo Malone London Basil and Neroli. This bitter, citrus blend is cosy and invigorating all in one, creating a homely atmosphere but keeping you alive and bright for the duration of your TV marathon.

Jo Malone London Basil and Neroli Candle

What are your favourite autumn fragrances? Tag me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty and tell me.

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