An Autumn of Bridal Beauty

Sunday, October 14th 2018 0

Talking beauty with Jade Beer and the best in the bridal industry

This autumn, we've had two beautiful Brides Magazine events and I wanted to share some photographs with you.

Two weeks ago saw the return of the annual Brides the Show. I sat on a panel of bridal experts curated by Jade Beer, Brides editor, and together we talked about everything from planning logistics to wedding etiquette. We had such a lovely group of ladies and, quite frankly, we enjoyed our get together probably more than the guests. I’ll link their Instagram pages below.

@JadeBeerBrides – editor of Brides Magazine

@JosieLDN – fashion and beauty blogger and bride to be

@PortiaPortiaaaa – model and blogger, recently married

@RosannaFalconer – fashion expert, recently married

@VictoriaMetaxas – photographer and bride to be

@SavannahMiller – bridal dress designer

Here are some more photos from the day…

Later that week, I brought my best friend to a collaborative workshop between Bobbi Brown and Rock My Wedding at the Bobbi Brown Pro store in Soho.

Amy Conway from the Bobbi pro team (and bride to be!) created a make-up look for Alice from RMW using her favourite essentials. Since the masterclass I’ve been using their Radiance Primer and Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon every single day – two new fresh skin essentials that I love.

Also – they had the most incredible cakes from Cutter and Squidge and they actually tasted as good as they looked (and weren’t just an Instagram gimmick like so many cute cakes). Yay!

Cutter and Squidge

Cutter and Squidge

Cutter and Squidge

Cutter and Squidge

Then, last weekend, we returned for our second ever Brides Beauty Hub. This was another beautiful event hosted at the Dorchester hotel, offering brides to be an opportunity to come and immerse themselves in a beauty emporium. On the day you can buy beauty, listen to talks, and enjoy treatments from all of the beauty brands.

Rose Gallagher

I was one of the hosts of the event, taking to the stage to interview lots of the brands present. I talked to everyone from Gold Collagen, the UK’s first liquid supplement, to Ritchie The Breath Guy, who teaches breathing techniques to do anything from send you to sleep to induce euphoria.

My friend Amy, the beauty director at Byrdie Beauty, came along to do a talk with me and told me so much about the beauty tools she uses. I’m going to have her do an Insta stories takeover for me so that she can show you all of the tips!

Alessandra Steinherr was also a guest speaker, discussing her new Primark beauty range with Brides beauty writer Sophie. I’ll share my thoughts on her collection in a separate post.

Two beautiful events, I love working with Brides Magazine and they truly know how to create out-of-this-world environments.

Bridal beauty is something I am hugely passionate about and I’ve started a new page, @BridesBeautyGuide, to help any budding brides to be. Check it out on Instagram and feel free to message me with any questions.

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