Make-Up Tips For Busy Women – A 5 Minute Flawless Face That LASTS

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My edit of the quickest and longest wearing make-up items

Every day I seem to be having the same conversation with women. "How does your make-up still look so perfect this late in the day?" They are always amazed when I tell them I did it at 6am that morning, it's probably now 4pm, and I haven't touched it all day.

If you have no more than five minutes to get ready in the morning but you want your make-up to last the day, this post is for you!

Here’s what I use when I’m tight for time, or having a really long working day, and I want my make-up to take two minutes but last me at the very least 12 hours. This is my everyday make-up look, using exactly what I’ve listed below.

5 minute makeup tutorial

Here’s another photo of me and my friend Caolan from a couple of weeks ago. I did my make-up in just over 5 minutes here, and the only difference to the below is adding a little bit of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Everything else? Quick, easy and lasting. (FYI this was a full face of IT Cosmetics, not the exact item list below.)

Rose Gallagher

A word of advice for all of the below product suggestions – pat them in gently with your brushes rather than rubbing them in. We all want this face to last all day. When we rush, we often do things a bit more aggressively in the hope that we’ll be quicker. But the rougher you are, the more likely it is that you’re rubbing that make-up away no sooner than it goes on. Take a breath, go gently, and you’ll be amazed at how much longer your make-up will last you.

Makeup tutorial busy mom


Murad Water Charged Gel – 20 seconds

Hydration is KEY. If your skin is dry or dehydrated, it will drink up the moisture from your foundation and before you know it your face is all gone. Ever looked in the mirror at lunch time to find patchy foundation, with almost nothing left on your chin, nose and cheeks? This tip is for you.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using this Murad gel in the mornings. It absorbs quickly and I can put my make-up straight over it, and it feels like a drink of water for my face. The texture is light, cooling and fresh.


IT Cosmetics CC Cream – 30 seconds

As you know I’m the UK ambassador for IT Cosmetics, and one of the key reasons that partnership came to light was because I am always screaming about the CC Cream from the rooftops. I think this is my favourite beauty product of all time. This one cream is your full coverage foundation, SPF 50 (physical only, so no flashback in photos), moisturiser, serum, concealer, colour corrector and primer all in one. You can actually use this without moisturiser if you choose to because it is infused with so much skincare, but personally I always use a little underneath. Think of all of those steps and how long they each take; you can cut them out, and just throw on this one product instead. When you powder this (see below), it will last you the day and your skin looks luminous throughout. Click here to read my review of this in more detail.

It cosmetics cc cream before and after

A note on CC Cream – I speak to women all day every day about this one product, and I find that people have varying opinions on how to make this last. Being infused with so much skincare means that this is rich, and you’ll want to play with it to figure out how best to make it work for you. My advice would be to start with this method of powdering the t-zone, and if you want a longer wear, try using an extra pump of product or a heartier dose of powder until you reach your desired wear time. I’m yet to meet anyone that doesn’t love this as much as I do but we all use it in really different ways.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder – 2o seconds

Charlotte’s Magic Powder is my current powder of choice because it sets your complexion without losing any of the luminosity. I always, always powder the t-zone of my complexion because when this stays in place all day it gives the illusion that your entire make-up has stayed in place. The minute the centre of your face starts to lose its lustre, you start to look tired again. Dust this down the t-zone, under the eyes, and especially around the nose and it will seal your make-up in place all day. Why this is my current powder of choice is that it has a hint of luminosity to it, and doesn’t sit in any lines.


MAC Blusher if you like a powder – 20 seconds

A healthy flush of MAC Cosmetics powder blush to the cheeks will instantly brighten your complexion and leave you feeling fresh for the day. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream is full coverage, so even though it has a luminous finish, you’ll want to add a pop of colour to lift your complexion. Fleur Power, Pinch O Peach, Peaches and Pink Swoon are all favourites of mine for adding a brighter skin finish.

MAC Blushers

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge blusher if you like a cream – 20 seconds

The same colour principles apply to the above, but if you prefer a cream texture for your blush then Bobbi’s Pot Rouge formula is unparalleled. Make sure you pat this gently onto the cheeks, don’t rub, so that you don’t remove any of the CC Cream. If you want to ensure it doesn’t move, feel free to set it with a little of Charlotte’s powder too. By all means, press a little onto your lips to tie the whole look together.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector if you like a powder – 20 seconds

I can not tell you how much I love these. Again, one of my favourite beauty products of all time. There is just no other highlighter like it. These Becca powders add unparalleled shine and lustre, but they’re very rich so you’ll look like you have highlighter on. I LOVE that look, but if you don’t, skip to the choice below. A light dusting of your perfect shade (they have various shades to suit all skin tones) and your skin will look so well rested and luminous. Take this along the cheek bones, under the brow bone, a hint down the nose and a touch on the cupid’s bow. Whatever you do, don’t skip the highlighter step in this quick routine, because this is the step that makes you look like you’ve slept.

MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush if you like a cream – 20 seconds

If a very obvious highlighter isn’t your thing, a gentle patting of Hush in the same places does wonders for your complexion. Hush is a cream with a satin finish, looking naturally dewy and luminous. Again, this is the step that makes you look like you’ve slept, and it is so unassuming in the pot but truly it makes a world of difference. If you were to go with this list into a shop, this would be the thing where you’d think “do I really need this as well?” but actually it ties the whole thing in together, I promise.


Tom Ford Fiber Brow Gel – 20 seconds

Though there are many brow gels on the market, this remains my favourite. Brush this through the brows to thicken them, enhance what is already there, add a hint of colour and lock them into place all day. The wand is smaller than a mascara head so gives a more precise finish, but isn’t so tiny that you’ll be there all day. If you do want to go super tiny with your wand, Glossier Boy Brow does a similar job but with a daintier head.


IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara – 45 seconds

Again, full disclosure, I work with IT Cosmetics. But WOW I challenge you to find a mascara better than this one. Jet black, glossy, volume, length, everything in 10 seconds flat. It lasts the day, it makes your lashes look amazing. I am never without this mascara. I make a point to try lots of others just to make sure I’m testing the water, and nothing ever compares to this for me.

IT cosmetics superhero mascara before and after


Lancome L’Absolu Lacquer if you like a glossy finish – 20 seconds

Since I tried this formula earlier this summer, I have always had one of these in my handbag. A gloss that actually stays put? I don’t know how Lancome have done it, but yes they have. These feel glossy and comforting but they also gently stain the lips, so even when they do fade, you’ve got a hint of the colour to keep you going until you top up. My favourite shade is the pink nude 202.

Lancome L'absolu lip lacquer 308

NARS Powermatte Pigments if you like a matte finish, or if you are genuinely hardcore about not wanting to touch your make-up for hours – 30 seconds (you’ll want to take your time to get it right because once it’s on there’s no going back)

Are you looking for the lipstick that doesn’t move no matter how many cups of tea you have, how you eat your lunch, or how many times you kiss someone on the cheek at a wedding? THIS is the holy grail. This genuinely will not move until you take your make-up remover to it. At a push you might need to top up half way through the day, but I don’t tend to. This is a liquid lip from NARS and it dries to a completely matte finish but *crucially* doesn’t crumble or flake the way most liquid lipsticks do. Also brilliant if you love to overdraw your lips like I do. FYI: the shade Get Up, Stand Up is my favourite lipstick of all time. EVER. I actually just Googled it and found my own face because I said that in an interview a while ago. Lol.

Now, I know that list looks quite long but actually it isn’t. Moisturiser, CC Cream, bit of powder, blush, highlighter, brows, mascara and lippie, and you’re good to go in 5 minutes. Could you be ready even quicker? Of course. BUT, the key with this particular line up is that you’re ready quickly but you look like you took AGES getting ready. And you look like you’ve had LOADS of sleep.

Also, a note on brushes. I’ll do a separate post on those, but whichever brushes you’re using, make sure you wash them as often as you can. I know that sounds obvious but it really isn’t. Clean brushes can be the difference between your make-up never sitting right or having little scratchy lines in it, to all of a sudden looking and feeling immaculate.

Let me know how you get on – I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this one. Message me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty.

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